Vision 2020
Virtual MasterMind

Support. Accountability. Guidance. Magic to take you to the Next Level in 2020.

You have dreams, goals and a deep desire to see your Vision turn into reality in 2020

You understand the power of support, collective intention and the catapulting-effect of a group that holds your dreams and goals.

You want to Manifest amazing things in your business, career and personal life through intention, commitment, ease and magic.

You’d love to have Donna’s regular monthly coaching and guidance.

You want to be held accountable so that you take the necessary actions to achieve your aims, rather than “allowing yourself off the hook.”

You know deep-down that 2020 is going to be a year of growth, expansion and excellent results for you.

You are committed to putting a solid foundation in place to make the decade ahead extraordinary!

Did you know?

A bird that flies in a flock can fly 70% further than on its own.

This is the underlying principle of the Vision 2020 Virtual Mastermind.   

It is an opportunity for you to be supported by a group of amazing people who are committed to Dreaming Big, Living their best lives and encouraging you to do it too.

By being in the resonance of a group of incredible individuals who are committed to growth and expansion, you will automatically turbo-charge your dreams, goals and desires.

Plus it is the opportunity to get very affordable coaching and guidance from me, Donna McCallum, over the whole of 2020.

Your Vision 2020 MasterMind group is made up of 22 people

You + Donna as your guide and coach + 20 other special souls with a common objective

Why 22 in the Group?

22 is a Master Number in Numerology which means it has an amplifying vibration.  22 is the vibration of the “Master Builder” who has the ability to turn the loftiest dreams into concrete realities.

This is the intention of the Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind – to support you to become the Master Builder of your Best Life.

The Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind is by Application Only

Space is limited

How does it work?

Vision 2020 Process:
Clarity, Connection and Commitment

At the beginning of January 2020 you will receive a process for you to work through to connect you to Clarity and Consciousness on your Authentic, Soul-Inspired Vision for 2020 and beyond.

You will create a Dream Map (if you don’t have a recent one) and you will get clear on your Core Desired Feelings and a Wildly Improbable Goal for 2020 and beyond. 

This process will take you between 4 to 12 hours, depending on your current clarity on your personal and professional vision.

This needs to be completed before our first MasterMind Session together in the last week of January.

A Monthly 2-Hour
Laser-Focused Vision 2020 Session

There will be 11 of these sessions running from January to November 2020.
These are highly-intentional, structured, “no messing about” Virtual MasterMind sessions with all 22 people in the group. 

These are conducted on the Zoom Platform so you will be able to see and connect with all 22 MasterMind participants on Video.

There is a preparation pack for you to go through for 15 minutes before each session to ensure that you are fine-tuned with your feedback and questions to keep the 2 hours at the highest vibration for extraordinary potential.

The Structure of the MasterMind is:
Intro by Donna (3 minutes)
Check-In per participant- 1 minute each   (22 minutes) – you will have prepared for this so that there is no time wasted.
Thought-Provoking Teaching and Magic Tool by Donna (10 minutes)
Success Stories from Participants – to inspire you.  3 People x 3 minutes  (9 minutes)
Coaching by Donna – 7 People x  8 minutes each.      (56 minutes)
Sharing What I need/ The support I am looking for.  30 seconds per participant of (11 minutes)
3 Minute – Summary by Donna 

You will come prepared for each session,  as the timing is precise and there is no waffling or meandering, purposeless conversations   

Your Weekly Accountability Check-In
on our Private Online Group

There is Private, Vision 2020 MasterMind Facebook Group to hold you in accountability and to provide connection to the group and support.

Every Friday, you commit to doing a weekly Accountability Check-in about:

  1. Your Successes for the past week.
  2. Your Answers and Actions
  3. Your Fears and Challenges

This check-in gives you the regular, weekly accountability to reflect on your attitudes, actions (or non-actions) and to celebrate your “small wins” as they add up to significant successes.

Plus you’ll read other MasterMind updates to stay inspired by the group and to support them in their journey too.

Note: Donna will check in once a week on a Monday to this group to look over your accountability.


There are 2 Payment Options for this Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind

Monthly Payment

$79 per month x 11 months
R790 per month x 11 months 

Once-Off Payment

$750 once-off
R7 500 once-off

The Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind is by Application Only

Space is limited

There will be 2 x Vision 2020 MasterMind groups running in 2020

Group 1 Timing:

Last Wednesday of Every month


Group 2 Timing:

Last Friday of every month


What happens once you apply:

1. Firstly Complete your Application Form.

2. You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application.

3. Donna will personally be reviewing your application.

4. We will let you know within 72 hours whether your application is approved or not approved.

5. If your application is approved, you will then be sent a link to make your payment to secure your seat on the Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind.

 You will have the option of a once-off payment or the monthly payment plan.     The first payment will need to be done now to secure your spot. 

6. If you choose the monthly payment plan, the payments will recur monthly from the day you make the first payment for 11 months.

The Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind is by Application Only

Space is limited

This Vision 2020 MasterMind is for you if…

You want to be held accountable so that you achieve amazing results in your life, career or business.

You are ready to be challenged to go to the next level in your life.

You want an instant and Valuable support network to boost your confidence.

You’d are open to receiving help, support and guidance to achieve your goals.

You believe in the magic of synergistic energy and intention of an aligned group.

You want to bounce ideas around for collaborative problem-solving.

You are excited about supporting others in their success.

Please do NOT Apply if…

You are not 100% serious about this process.

You can’t commit to joining us for 80% of the LIVE Virtual Sessions.  

You can’t afford the program.

The Vision 2020 Virtual MasterMind is by Application Only

Space is limited

Have any Questions?

Please feel free to email us on with any questions that you have.