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Want to make 2018 your Best Year Yet?

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The Gem

When was the last time you took time for YOU, to truly appreciate yourself?

When you treat yourself like a Gem, the whole world becomes a treasure chest.

The Gem is a 21 day Program, to learn how to honour and value yourself. In it you’ll be learning how to build your self-esteem, self-worth, self-appreciation and self-love. The Gem is all about YOU!

The foundation of everything in life and to create the life of your dreams is self-appreciation and doing what is GOOD for YOU.

Most people are looking for “The Gem” outside themselves – like a romantic partner, money, a dream job,a great body, new clothes, a beautiful house, the awesome holiday etc. etc.

You will know you’re doing this if you have these kind of thoughts

When I have ……….(fill in the blank), then I’ll feel better, happy, fulfilled

Rather than

When I feel happy and fulfilled then I’ll have everything I want.


The question is how do you create inner joy, inner peace and inner-satisfaction?

This 21 day program will teach you how. We look at the building blocks to create the GEM inside you and give you daily tools to build your inner resources, so that automatically your external resources expand.

You’ll have exercises to do, meditations to guide you and lots of Fairy Godmother tools and magic to lead you on the way of deep self-nurturing and self-care.

Over 21 Days you’ll get tools to aid you with

• True self-care – mind, body and soul
• What to say when you speak to yourself
• How to shift the inner-critic
• Building your self-esteem
• Working with your Inner Child
• Disempowering Beliefs that keep you stuck and how to shift them
• Giving yourself permission to do and have what you want
• Learning to say No to what no longer serves you
• Building your sense of self-worth
• How YOU can fulfill your own needs
• The courage to be your most authentic self
• And MORE!

How does the Program Work?

• From the start of the Program you will receive a GEM email from me every day for 21 days.
• These daily emails will have all the tools and tips for building your self-esteem and self-worth
• This program includes videos explaining some of the exercises
• Some days there are Audios for you to download and listen to

The POWER of this program lies in APPLYING it. So you need to take 15 minutes each day to read the email and APPLY the “GEM” exercise into your life.

Starts: This program starts on booking



This 21 Day GEM Program is $79

Less than $4 per day to build your self-esteem and shift your reality!




As your Fairy Godmother I can’t WAIT to help you shift out of self-sabotage and inner-critic voices and into recognizing the treasure in your inner and outer worlds!

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