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Sex, Intimacy and Recreation


What makes a relationship last? What are the key ingredients to making relationships work?

Map your Dream Career Workshops for Teenagers

map your dream career

Help your teenager get clear on their passions, talents and strengths.

Positive Changes and Transformation in 2011

positive change and transformation

I thought I would take this opportunity and just thank you for your positive energy and wonderful way that you…

Love is INSIDE you

love is inside of you

Last week I sent a learning Module to the Fairy Godmother Community all about Emotions. 

The Power of Dreams and Goals

the power of dreams and goals

Why are dreams and goal important?  And how do you achieve them? [youtube:] Link: Thanks to Lisa Raleigh, for this great interview!

Darren MacDonald’s Soul Adventures

Soul Adventures

This afternoon I’ll be interviewing Darren MacDonald  at 15h10 on 101.9 Chai FM about his dreams and goals and, of course, his ADVENTURES – both physical and spiritual. ‘Soul Adventures’ is the dream that Darren turned into reality.  From tackling the world highest peaks, to hiking in SA, Darren describes adventure as cautiously stepping into…

4 Traits needed for Achieving your Goals

set goals

Recently I was asked by a curious dreamer what the key traits or characteristics are that define whether people live their dreams and achieve their goals or not. It is a great question and I came up with 4 things that I believe are pivotal and actually the only things needed… 1. Have a clear…

Tracy Gold’s Fashion Philosophy

Tracy Gold Fashion Designer

Today on 101.9 Chai FM at 15h10, I will be interviewing Tracy Gold who is an amazing South African clothing designer. She runs the successful House of Tracy Gold and we will be chatting about her journey of living her dreams, as well as her philosophy on fashion  and how to make women not only…

Having Doubts about your BIG dreams?

Big Dreams

Hi Fairy Godmother I’m worried that if my BIG dream of writing novels, was really what I was meant to do, wouldn’t it be easier? Am I not rather a column writer – not a novelist? I’ve always struggled to write something longer than an essay. Maybe that is why it is difficult to think…

Valentine’s Day Interview on Sensuality and Sexuality

Valentines Day

On this fabulous Valentine’s Day, I am interviewing Juanita Fouche on 101.9 Chai FM at 15h10 today. [youtube:;feature=player_embedded] Juanita Fouche is a woman who is truly living her dreams.  She is passionate about Pole Dancing and not only is she South Africa’s Pole Dancing Champion but she also runs an amazing studio called Basic Instincts,…

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