They are now living their best lives…

Darren MacDonald

Darren worked on his Dreams & Goals with the Fairy Godmother. Within 3 months he left his corporate job and started his SOUL-purpose Adventure Company called “Soul Adventures”.

He has summited mountains, communed with the gorillas, scuba-dived in many oceans while sharing his passion with hundreds of clients + creating a successful business.

He has even been featured on TV and has now started a second company!

Faith Mashele

A year ago, on my birthday October 12th 2014, I decide to treat myself to one your workshops. I recall how I volunteered in the group to practice and imagine one of my WIGs which was to graduate at Harvard.

Exactly a year from that workshop, on 15th October 2015, I attended a lecture at Harvard as part of the MBA study tour. I am grateful for you teaching me to believe in the power of dreams.

There a number of other dreams that I had put on my dream board that also manifested. Thank you for being an angel in my journey.

Ingrid Irsigler

In 2014 Ingrid was a graphic designer who had lost her spark and passion. She was depressed, she wasn’t sleeping properly and she knew she needed a change.

She attended a workshop and an online program with me, the Fairy Godmother, and connected to her soul-genius – photography. Within 9 months she was shooting fashion photography and was serendipitously invited to France to shoot with some of the top photographers in the world.

Fast forward 3 years she has won numerous photography awards, and has bought her dream beach house and white Alsatian.

Click here to see her photographs.

Yashmita Bhana

Yashmita dreamed big dreams with me when she had just started her business. Her business was a fledgling, small IT business.

Yashmita connected to two Goals with Soul. 1. To Climb Kilimanjaro 2. To win the Business Woman of the Year Award

Within a year of creating these goals and working through her dalty practices she summited Kilimanjaro – and she was pregnant at the time!

Five years later she won the Business Woman of the Year Award in South Africa.

Mari Lee

Mari started working with me on her Goals in 2012. At the time her business DevCom was deeply in debt. She dreamed of having a a thriving business with millions in revenues and making a massive development impact in South Africa.

Within 3 years she had hit the R10 million turnover mark, had won numerous international awards, and created projects with huge social impact in South Africa.

5 years later she has a team of 32 people. She has applied this dreams and goals technology to her team. In 2017 the team hit every single goal they had created and celebrated with a hot air balloon ride.

Mari’s new big Goal with Soul – Poverty Alleviation in South Africa!

Charmain Lines

Charmain is a freelance writer. Since working with me she has set goal after goal and manifests one after the other with amazing ease.

Goal with Soul 1: To write a Novel – Done.

Goal with Soul 2: To spend 3 months living in Ireland – Done.

Goal with Soul 3: To write a second book collaboratively – Done.

Goal with Soul 4: To attend a world-class cooking course for a month – Done.

Goal with Soul 5: To buy an apartment in Europe – Done.

Goal with Soul the Making Now: Building her successful Men’s Grooming Salon (which has just won an award!)

We have hundreds of Testimonials, here are some more:

My Dream has Come True

“Such exciting times for me! I am busy finalising my book…and have attached a rough draft for you to take a look at.
I really hope you like my DREAM COME TRUE!
Thanks once again for your very special role from start to finish in making my dream a reality! I really am glad we met Donna! You are my shining star!!”

– Zelna Lauwrens

I’ve found my purpose

“I have to say that this course has been the best success in my life for a very long time and I have loved, loved every single minute of it!
Thank you Donna from the depths of my soul! You’ve allowed me to find a purpose in my life again by discovering myself!”

– Nicole Kubbinga

I believe in myself more than ever before

“For once in a long time I feel like I’ve made progress and that I can do anything I set my heart to, and that’s just to focus and work on my strengths.
I believe in myself more than ever before and have realised that it’s ok if I make mistakes, just as long as I can learn from them.
Continue spreading your magic, trust me it works. It’s always magical working with you Fairy Godmother.”

– Sibahle “Sparkle” Motha

All my Dreams have fallen into place in 1 year!

“It is amazing to see how all my dreams have fell into place over the years and how the pictured unfolded for me. And how I met other people to clarify and further develop certain of the aspects to let it all fell into place. I can honestly say that most if not all of my dreams on the dream map came true and that it delivered EVEN MORE than what I imagined.

I did not necessarily end up with the exact picture, but it is certainly a great picture.“

– Anina Els

We have the Tools we need

“Our journey with you on through this program has been perfect. It has given us a support structure that we needed to carry us from dreaming into living and manifesting. We have the tools to realise our ambitions, dreams, goals, passions as well as an insight into how to manage our fears. We live in awareness and gratitude and motion.

Who are we not to be brilliant?”

– Louis and Bridgette Bolton

So much travel – It’s all happening so quickly!

“Just had a realisation that another picture/desire on my Dream Board has manifested. Wow!

Checking them off very quickly …. and it’s only July … Paris check … Italy check … Bling check … tickets to New York booked check … another wish about to happen tomorrow … check. And I believe the best is yet to come. I am so pleased that I honoured myself by working with you!”

– Ilana Friedman

From down in the dumps to all my dreams coming true

“I would like to tell you how my dreams came true this year. At the beginning of this year I was feeling very down in the dumps and honestly didn’t believe I could achieve much. Thank goodness your fairy dust worked it’s magic!

I dreamed of selling my flat to wonderful people, and I did. I dreamed of buying a new car that would make me feel like a queen, and I did – Nissan Juke – her name is Saartjie. I dreamed of meeting the man I’m going to be with for all the right reasons – we are still working on this dream (him to find me and me to find him) 🙂 I dreamed of owning my own home, and today I will put in an offer on the most beautiful little place. I dreamed of finding inner peace and happiness, so I attended the 10-day Silence Retreat (which I’m doing again in Dec over new year)

So, once again, thank you!

From a true believer of Magic.”

– Marsanne Selzer

So Powerful and Inspiring being in the company of other Dream Creators

“I attended your workshop last year. It was a time when belief in my dreams was fading…fast! The workshop was like a huge defrag and reboot.

The processes we were led through once again crystallised my vision, but even more powerful and inspiring was being in the company of other people daring to step out of the box and begin creating the life they also dreamed of – despite the odds!

…And the best part – it works ;)”

Who are we not to be brilliant?”

– Priya Vassen

Numerous Opportunities dropping onto my path

“There really are no words big & fab enough to say thank you for re-igniting my dream & passions. For putting the effereversance back into the vision, placing the WIG into the subconscious and my own real inspiration board right in front of my desk … that my excitement can barely be contained !!!

Have already had numerous opportunities drop onto my path since doing the course and I am happily taking inspired action on each one :)”

– Karen Brokensha

I’m making my Life Worthwhile

“Dream mapping is a most amazing tool, and has changed my life. I am suddenly in touch with my goals and dreams and am taking action into achieving and making something worthwhile of my life.”

– Meryl-Lynne Colborne

About the Dreams & Goals with Soul Program:

Feeling Empowered, Clear and having BIG Shifts!

Loving the Structure and content of the Program

The Community, Coaching and Support

Experiencing Money Magic, Financial Confidence & Ultimately Financial Freedom

“I am earning more. I feel so much safer now. And as a single mom I bought my own home!”

“I previously lived on my overdraft… Since doing Money Magic I don’t have the baggage of debt and I’ve changed to a career I love.”

“We were able to shift our financial struggle into saving and investing.”

“I love the way this program is compiled. It is truly magical! And I’m making more money and working less time… wow”

“I did the program 6 years ago and now I am financially free!”

“I feel empowered. I met like minded people on the course, who have become friends and who support me with my money matters.”

“Doing this program helped me have scary, money conversations with my Life Partner … it has deepened our intimacy, trust and love.”

“I was drowning in debt… Now I have paid off most of it and I’m a saver…”

“I no longer stress about money. I quit my day job and started my own business!”

Over 1600 people have done the Money Magic Program, here are some more testimonials…

I’ve made my €20 000 per month goal!

“Just a quick one to share….I set an af-for-mation “why do I have so much fun earning € 20 000 per month?” which I thought was insane and hardly likely and would take me ages to reach.

As of today, I will bill € 17 700! That makes me 88.5% to my goal and that’s after working through 6 weeks of Money Magic.

Considering I registered my new biz on April 1st, that’s quite a money-magical beginning 3.5 months later. I also mysteriously got 3000 eu tax back…a big, lovely surprise which I need to check out if it is fully intended for me, but either way I seem to be attracting. I just realised that if I put those two together, I’ve made my € 20 000!”

– Kirsten Graham

I love the fresh start. I feel empowered that I know how to move to the next financial step and what the next step is.

“What I’ve realised is that without a strategy, I’ve done it all in the wrong order all these years. I have invested in the money market, in unit trusts, I’ve owned two properties, I have invested in penny shares and in blue chips. But with no plan, I stand here with none of it to show.

Now with Money Magic, I’m proud to say the lessons are immense and I’m enjoying this fresh start!”

 – Rosemary Padi, Money Magic Graduate in 2011

It’s 3 weeks after the course and I have paid off 4 credit cards and saved R 12 000!

“I started the course with 4 credit cards and a fat overdraft and zero savings.

Now a mere 3 weeks after the course, I have managed to pay off all 4 credit cards, cut them up, pay off my overdraft and have R12,000 saved.

I think 99% of the success is due to a changed attitude towards money, and treating it with the respect it deserves. The rest is keep a focus on your goals, spend your time doing things that make a difference to your pocket, and don’t waste time or money on other NIP (Non-Income-Producing) work.”

– Gerda Kollman

Doing the course was challenging but SO worth it!

“Doing the course has been a total mind shift for me. In the past year I have been investing in myself, quit my corporate job and have decided to live my dream life. The game changers have been Afformations and that work does not equal money.

I don’t want to lie, the course is challenging especially when having to face your money beliefs and habits. It is so worth taking this personal journey.”

– Xandra Malapane

Within 3 to 4 weeks of starting Money Magic I was offered a job paying almost 4 times my salary!

“So, I did the course last year June. So, this would be my 3rd round of involvement in the awesome Facebook group.

Within 3-4 weeks of starting I was offered a job paying almost 4 times my salary at the time – 2 weeks later I started!

So, when you get to the afformation part of this course – watch all the videos and do it!!! I still use them and they work!!!

I had a lot of debt and am working on settling all my outstanding accounts. I had 8 accounts to settle (combination of loans/overdrafts/credit cards and store cards) As of Sat I have paid off 4!!!! So halfway through.

My partner and I had no savings to speak of – we now have R50k in our Financial Freedom account (this account we do not touch) and an extra 5k in instant savings for emergencies. So, we are getting there. It’s a never-ending journey – enjoy it guys!!”

– Imogene Caithness

This is not a quick fix or get rich scheme. I have a financial plan and am feeling on top of the world financially!

“I recently completed Donna’s Money Magic Program – and have come out of it feeling on top of the world financially!

It’s not a quick fix or get rich scheme – but a program designed to help change your relationship with money! I have definitely come out of the course with a brand new attitude towards money.

During the run of the course I managed to save one month’s salary in a savings account (one step closer to financial freedom), I have a will, I have a financial plan, and most importantly – I’m thinking and talking and behaving positively with money. It’s a great feeling. I would recommend this program to anyone. “

– Jody Simpson

I feel really proud that at 25 years old, I have a saving of R 500 000

“I just wanted to send you the hugest hug and a whole bunch of sloppy kisses for such an amazing program.

Since doing this program the savings amount in my account has miraculously “DOUBLED”.

My goal was to reach R300 000 in my savings account by the end of the year, I have now reached it and I am currently sitting on Half a Bloody Million …. Whoop Whoop!!!

This is not something I thought I would reach any time soon. I am feeling really proud that at 25 years old, I have a saving of R500 000. Thank you so so so much Donna for sprinkling all your fairy dust on me, making me aware of my situation, making me realize that I am in control of my destiny. I cannot thank you enough, you have truly been a blessing to me.”

– Monica Viegas

Money Magic provides me with a plan and eases the decisions I make around my money…

“I’m conscious of how I spend it now and only want to use it to add value in my life.

I’m also always conscious of my self worth which impacts every area of my life, my relationships, putting myself first, being confident, trusting the process, valuing my own path and my attitude around money.

I love how money magic brings me back to an abundant state of mind. Absolutely anything is possible. It’s so easy to save money now and watch it grow. Easy and effortless.”

-Aneeka Moosa

I often say I should have done this program a few years ago

“I gained a lot from the Money Magic course. I now think about how my money is being spent rather than spending without a budget.

I am saving every month thanks to that automated savings account and I’m in the process of paying off my debt. I often say to myself I should have done this program a few years ago but the timing is always right, hey?”

– Nushaana Davids

The Concept of putting yourself first has been great

“The programme has helped me be so aware of my finances.

The concept of putting yourself first and paying yourself first has been great – my savings are growing.

I still get days where I get frustrated but I’m more aware of these emotions and know how to overcome them. Donna you have really changed my life.”

– Nosipho Ncube

Marnita’s Money Success Journey

This is the kind of Money Success Journey you can have when you do the Money Magic Program and apply it into your Life…

1. Marnita applied the principles and started Saving

2. She used the Money Magic Tools and DOUBLED her income (and she does have a job!)

3. She has paid off her debt!

4. She is Starting to Invest and seeing growth.

5. Her inspirational Money Story is now being featured in Magazines, after only 2 years on this money journey.

About the MONEY MAGIC Program:

Hundreds of people SMASHING their Debt AND Saving at the same time…

Money Magic Participants are Increasing their Income

They’re having their Dreams Come True…

Participants LOVE the Community, Content and Structure of the Program

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