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Success Stories

Donna McCallum, the Fairy Godmother has, over the last 5 years, helped over 10 000 people in South Africa, Europe and the USA to identify their goals and dreams, realise their potential and achieve it – with long lasting effect. Her workshops, talks, Growing Wings Program, Money Magic Program, Online Learning Products and the book The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What you Want are all tools that she uses in her magic toolkit of turning people into Daring Dreamers who love their lives.    Her focus is now on building the Conscious Creators Community - a global community and network of hundreds of people who have worked with the Fairy Godmother in the past and who are committed to helping others make their dreams and goals come true too.

Here are some stories of Daring Dreamers who have been inspired by the Fairy Godmother to live their dreams

Michelle Thomas was a house-wife looking after her 2 children with a BIG dream to start her own “green” business when she did the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting workshop in May 2010. She was so inspired that she immediately started her new business called “Build-it Green”. She did the 12 Week Growing Wings Program to keep her focused and on-track and to improve her “manifesting skills” and for further support with her goal she joined the Conscious Creators Community. Because Michelle was on the Community, the Fairy Godmother connected her with another community member, Willem Coetzee, an architect whose dream is to be one of the best “Green Architects in the world”. Both Willem and Michelle are now running a thriving and successful “Build-it Green” business with 7 staff members and a turnover this year of R 8 million – in their second year of business! Wowie! Now that’s what we call success!

Thank you for your inspiration, direction and enthusiasm on Saturday. Something has changed in me – I now believe ANYTHING is possible! With much appreciation……
Laura Kirsten

Basil Stathoulis is an orthopedic surgeon with the dream of being a world renowned photographer. He did the 12 week Growing Wings Program at the beginning of 2011 to focus on his BIG dream and in that time honed his photography skills, started selling his photographs online on his website Basil Art Inc and plans to do his first exhibition soon.


Two days after doing his Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop, Darren MacDonald quit his corporate job and took the leap of faith to follow his passion. He started his business Soul Adventures and is now living his dream of taking people on expeditions up the world’s biggest mountains. Through the Growing Wings Program, Darren learned the tools he needed to make his new dream-life sustainable. Darren describes adventure as cautiously stepping into the unknown with awareness of our fears and, eventually, overcoming those fears.

Gerda’s Money Magic:  I completed Donna’s Money Magic 12 week butt kicking course last month. Wow, what a difference its made. I will sum up my successes, and will try not to go on too much about how it all happened, because I’m really not too sure how it all happened.I started the course with 4 credit cards and a fat overdraft and zero savings. Now a mere 3 weeks after the course, I have managed to pay off all 4 credit cards, cut them up, pay off my overdraft and have R12,000 saved. I think 99% of the success is due to a changed attitude towards money, and treating it with the respect it deserves. The rest is keep a focus on your goals, spend your time doing things that make a difference to your pocket, and don’t waste time or money on other NIP (Non-Income-Producing) work. Also BELIEVE in your WIG. See it, feel it, taste it.

My WIG is to carry on in my business, which I love and which is now 5 years old. I have a financial planning practice. I want to work 4 hours a week, and travel a lot. Also to live in a fully paid for house on a hill with a magnificent view. I thought that would NEVER happen when I did the Dream mapping course in Feb 2010, but how wrong I was. Last year in May I went to Germany for 2 weeks, then in July, I hiked the Otter trail, in September I went to Mauritius for 2 weeks. This year in May I went to Italy for 2 weeks. My dream was also to own a black Mercedes SLK, and I took delivery of that in October last year!!

Now I don’t know if I have just been lucky or exactly what has happened, because I can’t exactly put my finger on it. All I know is that the things Donna teaches really, really work. The more good things happen to me, the more other good things happen to me – if you get what I mean. Putting it down in writing makes it almost seem like a fairy tale.

Anyhow, I am delighted at the positive turn my life has taken in the last 18 months. All I can say is keep on keeping on.

Gerda Kollman

Louis And Bridgette’s Wildlife Documentary Dreams come true

After 6 weeks on the Money Magic Program, here’s what Kirsten has to say…

Just a quick one to share….I set an affirmation to “have so much fun earning 20000 eu/ month” which I thought was insane and hardly likely and would take me ages to reach. As of today, I will bill 17 700 Euros! That makes me 88.5% to my goal and that’s after working through 6 weeks of Money Magic. As you pointed out the other night, it’s not yet my earnings from the biz, but considering I registered the biz on April 1st, that’s quite a money-magical beginning 3.5 months later. I also mysteriously got 3000 Euros tax back…a big, lovely surprise which I need to check out if it is fully intended for me, but either way I seem to be attracting. I just realised that if I put those two together, I’ve made my 20k Euros…

Michelle goes from being unhappy in her corporate job to living her dreams

“Dear Fairy Godmother; Since doing your course in May, I have written and published a book! It’s called “THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF IS YOU – Launch yourself into magnificence.” It is a self help book with a difference.
I am now in NYC (which was one of my dreams!) meeting with my agent. My critique went brilliantly, one of the best for a first time author and now we are negotiating a distribution deal.
I am creating my reality with each and every second and I “choose” to experience infinite joy! Thank you for your inspiration, Donna! Love, Aldine”

Aldine Dallas

Teresa’s experience after only 3 weeks

Hi Donna

I did your dream mapping workshop on 6 June, arriving as a skeptic and not really sure of why I was attending except that it was recommended by friends and I figured it couldn’t hurt!

I was really inspired during the workshop and left not only with a goal of what I wanted to achieve in the future but also the belief and determination that I could make it happen. I started my Future Imagined Memory exercise the next morning and although I wasn’t always successful with the exercise every morning, I did try to think about the memory at least once a day.

Part of my goal for the future was a need to be personally financially secure to enable me to achieve the other part, namely to be a philanthropist for animals, pet owners and animal welfare agencies. It’s now been less than 3 weeks since the workshop and yesterday I received the most amazing telephone call from my father. He told me that he and my stepmother suddenly decided to give us kids part of our inheritance early and that in the next week I will be receiving a lump sum of money that will secure my future whether I continue to be employed or not.

The old skeptic in me would have said I didn’t do anything because it is an inheritance I would have received anyway. But the new believer in me knows that I helped manifest my father’s decision through my thoughts and dreams. And this only happened because I attended your workshop.

So thank you – you really do help people make their dreams come true. And I’m so glad I attended your workshop.

With thanks and kind regards

Teresa Guzman

Soon to be philanthropic animal fairy godmother!

Astrid Fleming did her Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop in 2007 in Johannesburg. At the time she was a high-flying corporate executive with the dream of being a novelist. 18 months later she published her first book – “White Knights”.

Jacqui Young Hi Donna
I was referred to your book by a friend of mine and have not been able to put your book down.I have been in a very low time of my life, with family health issues compounded by a very stressful financial crisis. I felt stuck and trapped. Your book has guided me back to my path of self discovery and I feel a renewed sense of positivity and faith coursing through my veins.I have told so many people how fantastic your book is and know of at least 4 people who have bought your book. The way that I describe it is “Life Changing:This journey is never an easy one, but your book continues to be an inspiration. My angels and guides knew I needed a FairyGodMother, that’s why I believe I was pointed to you at this stage in my life. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life!Many thanks and appreciation
Jacqui Young

Sune’s experience in her own words:

“Dear Fairygodmother…

It has been a very interesting year.

I did the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting workshop on 13 January 2007, a Saturday. In the past seven months I have affirmed every day that I am receptive to the good and abundance of the Universe; and every single day brought little white feather moments and incredibly beautiful people into my life, even some I have known for a long time.
My wildly improbable goal, echoed by my vision board, has forced me to align my heart’s desires with that of my mind and body. I had one WIG and a few WIGGIES.

I met a beautiful man with whom I had a deep spiritual connection from the onset, and who brought with him a vibrational recognition in my own body–my heart chakra literally vibrates now–and a rekindling with my inner child.

I have completed another film script, wrote a children’s novel; bought property; started a small media concern; enrolled for an MBA, and made time to be with myself, fully.

I laugh, I jest, I connect, I appreciate, I thank… I pray. I let go.

The year also brought difficult and challenging times, and with these came dark, dark moments; but, now… I know I will always have an innate resourcefulness to manage these times, and to know that the darkness goes away. And quickly.

I am truly grateful for everything I now notice, greatly owing to my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop experience.

Thank you Fairygodmother.

Warm regards

Hi Donna
I’m working my way through your book and it is already starting to change my life and i’m SO thankful for serendipity. This weekend I vison-boarded the clients I want to attract and the booking goals i have for this month, and today, I received two incredible bookings. I’ve booked a space at your money workshop next month and can’t wait to see you in action again. Thank you! For your story and for inspiring me.

Christine Watters

After attending your Money workshop - In just one week you have managed to do for me what I haven’t been able to do all my life. How do I even begin to say thank you?

Maxine Burke


Hilary VogesHi Donna

I want to say a very big thank you to you for what you have helped me achieve.

You almost gave me permission, if that is the right word, to be able to open myself up and expose myself, something that I have not been able to do, I am very shy and have had a very low self-esteem. You certainly have helped me overcome many of those aspects I needed in order to take the necessary risks.

I so enjoyed your Growing Wings Program, although at times I thought I was running backwards with all the work, but I do understand that is it very necessary.

I launched Lady Butterfly during your course and I did that on purpose, as I could feel your wings around me for protection, for that I am very grateful.

My company is growing slowly, but there is a definite upward spiral. My customers are phoning and I am getting constant phone calls, I do believe that these will turn into happy customers.

I started my second business, an online marketing company, this opportunity came out of the blue, my website will be launched very soon. This is for the local and overseas market for slimming products, self-help make-overs and anything to do with health and well-being.

I joined Professional Speakers Ass of SA (PSASA) and also Toastmasters, my objection here is to become a Professional Speaker, Toastmasters is helping me overcome the fear and give me the tools to get there. I have done 2 assignments for Toastmasters and I absolutely loved it. I was a nervous reck, but I turned those nerves into positive energy. I have been so quite for so long, I now have so much to say to people, they cannot shut me up.

So Donna, my Fairy Godmother, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I will join Fairy Godmother Community. I would love to stay in touch with you and still absorb your positive energy and your inspiration from time to time.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me who I really am, and letting me tap into my potential.

In love and light

Hilary Voges

My Fairy Godmother

You should know that since I have got back to Australia, I have

a) Been booked to DJ another MCQP
b) Been booked to DJ a leading trance promoter’s next BIG party in Sydney
c) Won three awards for my work in advertising
d) Written two chapters of my forthcoming opus.

At every point, in this amazing run of luck, I think of you. I wish you felt one tenth of how much you’ve inspired me. Reminded me that success is not a zero sum game, and that we can all have as much as we dare dream possible. Thank you for your work in the world.

Colin Jowell

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