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Want to make 2018 your Best Year Yet?

Download this Free 20 min Audio normally valued at $19 Yes Please!

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations Bundle

Are you desperately in need of some relaxation, inspiration, healing, belief busting or peace? OR simply new to meditation and have no idea where to start? Then these guided meditations from The Fairy Godmother are perfect for you!

$5 (±R 50)

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Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Audio

A 2 hour audio program to get you CLEAR and FOCUSED on your dreams and goals and with important action steps on how to turn those goals into reality. This is a fun, light, magical experience where you’ll create your Dream Map (vision board) and get all the Fairy G’s advice about making those dreams come true.

$ 49

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Join the Conscious Creators Community

One part training field + One part digital tribe + One part success support with a generous dash of learning modules, resources, discussions, guidebooks, galore.

$ 19 per month

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Growing Wings

This 12 week Program will help you to fly. Not only will you be clear on your goals, but through weekly Learning Modules, Webinars and Group Discussions you will learn the real art of manifesting – of turning your ideas into reality. This program also teaches you “the secret of Alignment”. When you align body-mind-soul your life becomes truly magical.

$ 440 OR $ 160 per month x 3 months

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Money Magic

This 12 week program will transform your relationship to money . You will learn how to build a powerful and strong financial foundation and discipline to enable you to create great wealth. Over the 3 month program you will build a solid platform to manage your money wisely and hence attract more.

$ 270 OR $ 100 per month x 3 months

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Guide to Getting What you Want

Read the Fairy Godmother’s popular book on your Kindle or iPad. This delightful book offers you guidelines to creating and living the life that you want. It provides you the practical know-how and support to help you map out your goals, find direction in your life and achieve your dreams.

$ 8.99

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Out of Fear into Fabulousness

This 21 day program is designed to move you out of the fears that areholding you back from living your dreams (money, self-worth, I can’t do it, what will people think of me, I don’t know enough) and to move you into a place of pure possibility and potential aka Fabulousness!

$ 79

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The Gem

The Gem is a 21 day Program, to learn how to honour and value yourself. In it you’ll be learning how to build your self-esteem, self-worth, self-appreciation and self-love. The Gem is all about YOU!

$ 79

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