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Out of Fear into Fabulousness

Do you have days when nagging doubt and worry dominate your thoughts?

Or times when you feel lethargic and down about life?

Or times when you REALLY want to do something but PROCRASTINATION keeps you from the very thing you would love to do?

Fear is something that stops EVERY ONE of us.
Yes! Even I experience fear on a daily basis. It is actually something that never goes away.

In my work as a Fairy Godmother, I see it time and time again, that the people who end up living their dream lives and achieving their goals are the people who are consistently able to work through and get over their fears.

Sometimes the fears are big and crippling. Sometimes they are really little teeny-weeny fears. All fear – no matter how big or small, how obvious or subtle -creates nonsense in your life and stops you from living your full potential.

The trick with fear is to learn

  1. How to recognise it
  2. How to overcome it

So that it doesn’t stop you or keep you stuck for days, months or years in a situation that you really don’t want to be in.

Over my 8 years of working as a Fairy Godmother I’ve seen how many people get trapped by fears – little ones and big ones. So I’ve developed this 21 day program to give you ALL the tools you need to shift your fear as quickly as possible so that you can get into feeling good about yourself, your life and all the things you want to create.

Here’s the equation:

When you are in fear you can’t manifest what you want.

When you are out of fear (I call it being in FABULOUSNESS) you can manifest exactly what you want.

It’s as simple as that.

The 21 Day “Out of Fear, into Fabulousness” Program

This 21 day program is designed to move you out of the fears that are holding you back from living your dreams (money, self-worth, I can’t do it, what will people think of me, I don’t know enough) and to move you into a place of pure possibility and potential aka Fabulousness!

This 21 day program covers not only how to become AWARE of your fears but is jam-packed with tools for overcoming fear. (15 Tools in Total!)

In my book “The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What you Want”, I examine in-depth how we need to align mind, body and soul to create a solid platform for what we want.

This “Out of Fear, into Fabulousness” Program is developed with the same methodology in mind – targeting the fear and shifting it at the levels of mind, body and soul.

These tools include

  • Written exercises
  • Verbal exercises
  • Guided Meditations
  • Exercises for your Body
  • Exercises for your Mind
  • Exercises for your Soul
  • Videos explaining some of the exercises

By the end of this program you will have a “Conquering Fear Tool-kit” – different exercises that you can use, at ANY time, in any scenario to shift your doubts and worries from the State of Fear into a State of Fabulousness.

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and over 21 days you will shift from experiencing doubt, wondering and wavering into a feeling of “Hey, I can do this!” in ANY area of your life


How does the Program Work?

  • Once you sign up for the program, you will receive a FEAR BUSTING email from me every day for 21 days.
  • These daily emails will have all the tips and tricks for recognizing and shifting your fear.
  • This program includes videos explaining some of the exercises
  • Some days there are Audios for you to download and listen to

The POWER of this program lies in APPLYING it. So you need to take 15 minutes each day to read the email and APPLY the “Into Fabulousness” exercise into your life.

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I originally wanted to price this program at around R 1990 (±$197) – because R95 (±$9) a day for 21 days is miniscule compared to the value of these priceless tools for shifting your fear for the rest of your life. I wanted to make it affordable to you.

My business partner, Timea, (and one of my greatest teachers around conquering fear) urged me to make this program RIDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE so that as many people as possible can do it. She believes that when we all learn to overcome our fears, then this world will be the magical place that she and I are committed to creating.

Her reasoning worked for me, I REALLY want you to do this program, because it is going to change your life. (which means it will change the world!)

So this 21 Day “Out of Fear Program is only R 990 (±$99)

eg. Less than R 50 (±$5) per day to conquer your fears for life.

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As your Fairy Godmother I can’t WAIT to help you shift out of your fear and into your FABULOUSNESS!

P.S. If you want to see some of the Success Stories of other people doing my programs CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about the program you would like to ask before signing up, please email us on or call us on + 27 84 207 0202

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