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If money has historically been an area of difficulty for you, there’s nothing wrong with you – I promise!  

You just haven’t ever been taught how to work with money.

AKA, The Fairy Godmother.

I started teaching about Money and Finances in 2011 when I saw hundreds of my clients struggling with money.

They had these BIG dreams, goals and amazing lives they wanted to create and yet money sparked their fear and stopped them from doing what they loved.  

In the past 6 years I have shared my money tools, systems and processes with thousands of people from 35 countries around the world.  They have demolished their debt, attracted more money, started saving, felt confident enough to invest and have created financial ease, security and freedom for themselves.  

And I’m excited to help you too.


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What Sex and Money have in Common

 This is a juicy topic so let’s get straight into it… 1. Sex and Money are both TABOO subjects in our society. Yet they are everywhere and in your face. As you drive to work, sexy billboards try to sell you stuff and you deal with money daily. Sex and Money are the...

WARNING – You’re about to be “drugged” by Black Friday

 Dopamine is a very, VERY powerful brain chemical that creates the feeling of euphoria and in the next few weeks it could lead you into the dreaded Debt Spiral. Dopamine is the “drug” that is released when we have excitement about and the anticipation of...

Do you Believe “Money changes people”?

 Ever wondered about how “money changes people”?Ever had the thought “I don’t want to be wealthy because then I’ll be greedy/ arrogant/ I’ll lose my friends”?Most people don’t learn about money and keep themselves living a “month-to-month paycheck existence” because...


Hundreds of people have had big and small successes working on their Money issues with me, their Fairy Godmother.

Here are some quick examples…

Imogene tripled her income in 1 month of doing Money Magic.

Ndumi, an entrepreneur, now feels excited to pay her suppliers and business bills. She is no longer a victim of money.

 Erica has paid off all her clothing accounts and consumer debt.

Anna is now able to ask for her value and be paid what she is worth.

Will, a chiropractor, has shifted his relationship with money AND his relationship with people in his life too.

Nix is now financially able to live her dreams and travel the globe doing her large scale art projects.

Aneeka has started a Non-Profit Organisation on the side to give back to others.

Colleen received her biggest order for products within 2 weeks of starting Money Magic.

Yvonne, a wife, mom and bookkeeper, has squashed her debt and had the courage to quit her job and start her own business.

Kyle was able to renovate his home for his family from his budgeted savings.

Cathy feels empowered, enlightened and liberated with her finances.

Zoe has a more intimate relationship with her partner because they can now discuss money openly.

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