Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Program

The fastest, most fun way to turn your life from average into EXTRAORDINARY

Are you stuck in a mundane, boring, routine life and
it’s starting to drive you crazy?

You may be wondering – “what is the meaning in all this?” or “where’s the fulfilment?” or “by now I thought my life would be different” or “gee, I wish I knew how to change things.”

The trick to getting out of this difficult dilemma and your “stuckness” is to discover your dreams and goals – the ones that ignite, excite and delight you (and make you a little scared) all at the same time.
But it is not enough to get clarity on your dreams… you want to live them too, right?
But there’s one little problem
You have no idea how to actually LIVE YOUR DREAMS, without getting stuck or being paralysed by some of your fears.

Which is Why You Need a Fairy Godmother…

My name is Donna McCallum and I’m a Fairy Godmother.

Yep…. You read it right!

I am a modern-day Fairy Godmother and over the last few years I have helped over 6000 people, just like you, to get out of feeling lost and confused and into clarity on their goals and feeling their powerful potential and living lives that they love.

  Michelle Thomas went from bored house-wife to successful   Entrepreneur earning 8 million in her second year of
business in the Environmental field which she loves
Marlize Sharrock – from wanting a soul-mate to getting married
Darren MacDonald – from being in a middle management position to starting his own Adventure Company called Soul Adventures.
Lynn Easton – from being obese and unhealthy to losing 27 kg’s and swimming a mile in a national swimming race


All of these people went through my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting program, which catalysed them into living their dreams and the good news is you can too.

How to know that this program is for you…

 This program is perfect for you if:

  • You have this niggly feeling that you are not living out your full potential and you would LOVE to be getting more out of life.
  • You have no idea what your dreams or goals are
  • You are one of those people who has a different idea every day but you don’t know which ideas you should be focusing on
  • Or you are thinking “ I already know what my BIG dream is, but I am stuck in making it happen”


This program is not for you if

  • You wake up 95% of your days thinking, “Yippppppeeeeee! I’m so happy to be me and doing what I do”
  • You are good at creating goals and consistently achieving them
  • You are happy and loving your life
  • You are Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey or Nelson Mandela (hee, hee, hee!)

A Few of The Amazing Things You’re About to Learn and Experience

  1. How to get clear on your dreams and goals in a way that is fun, light and pleasurable rather than the usual dull and boring methods
  2. How to create a “dream map” (or vision board) that allows you to access your creativity and tap into your intuition so that you develop goals that are truly authentic to you
  3. 3 simple ways to attract what you want, whatever your goals are
  4. Learn about the 7 Deadly “Irrational” Fears that will try to stop you and how to overcome them so that you keep taking action on your goals
  5. How to set BIG, crazy goals that ignite you, delight you and excite you (and scare you a little) in a way that compels you to take immediate action
  6. 6 tips on what to do when you get stuck, so that you avoid being in the same place in your life in a year’s time
  7. How to respect the energy that you have each day, so that you don’t become stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out
  8. How to build a group of people in your life that support your new dream so that when you doubt yourself or waiver, they can give you encouragement and keep you on track
  9. Maximise your potential and power by learning how to use your mind properly to attract the opportunities that you want to you rather than  your mind sabotaging you
  10. Why the “law of attraction” (and “the secret”) works in some cases and not in others and the 3 steps to really amplify your attraction
  11. How to create a “Future Imagined Memory” in a way that helps you to quickly and effortlessly get the opportunities you need to move you forward
  12. Why getting stressed and worried about your goals actually repels opportunities and what to do about it
  13.  How to overcome the negative patterns of the past, so that you can be more powerful in the present and future
  14.  How to tap into your true heart’s desires in a way that eliminates any confusion about what you really want
  15. Why your mind will keep repeating your past over and over again until you stop the vicious cycle

If You Want To Start Living your Dream Life, Here’s What to Do Next…

You’re about to receive access to a 2 hour Audio Program and 37 Page Manual containing everything you need to create and live your EXTRAORDINARY Life.

We all want results in our lives and we ALL want them to happen as easily and effortlessly as possible, but it will take 6 hours to do this process properly with all of the exercises and going through the Fairy Godmother Tips and Tricks – this can be done in one session or in two sessions of 3 hours each.

This is NOT a cheapo ebook with some outdated information. To be frank, my philosophy is I don’t bother with something unless I can deliver every component that you need to succeed. My programs may not be the cheapest, but they’re well known for being great information AND the highest quality. This is no exception.

When you think about how much you would pay to have a professional coach give you guidance on your dreams and goals, the one-time fee for this program starts lookin’ REAL good!

And once you have downloaded the Audio Program and Manual, you get to keep it, so that you can use it again and again whenever you like.


Okay, so how much is the Program?

When you consider the price of having a personal coach take you through this process at a few hundred dollars per hour over at least 6 hours… then the price of this process starts to add up to between R5000 – R10000 – ching, ching….

I facilitate this program, that you are about to receive, as a full day workshop in different cities in the UK, USA and South Africa and because I want this work to be as accessible as possible for people (because one of my BIG dreams is to have 1 million people living their dreams as a result of this program), I charge a very small fee of R1500 for the day.

But to do this now in the comfort of your own home (perhaps with friends and family too), is only a once-off payment of only R490.

Your Money-Back if you aren’t completely delighted

I pride myself on the quality of my Fairy Godmothering and if you are not 100% delighted with this Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Audio Program just pop me an email and I’ll gladly refund your investment. This policy is good for a full 30 days after your purchase to ensure that you have enough time to see results.

ORDER NOW for only R490

One Last Thing . . .

Before we part, let’s have a little truth talk.

I have a feeling that I know where you’re at right now (because I’ve been there too). You KNOW that your life could be farther along than it is. You are just not sure what your vision is, or how to bring that vision to life. Things are OK but you know it’s time to step it up.

Life can be hard at times.  I’m not saying that this Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Program is going to solve EVERY problem.

BUT – I do know this for sure: you can’t just keep doing more of the same and expect different results.

If you have a feeling that the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Program could make a change for you, why not join me in your Dream Mapping journey right now. Who knows? A year from now you could be in a totally different place. (It happened for me!) And I have to tell ya, I would LOVE to help be a part of what got you there.

So here’s to you and YOUR big success!

Love, Wishes and Magic

Donna McCallum aka The Fairy Godmother


P.S.  People’s experiences of my programs have been so life-changing that I was approached by Random House, one of the world’s largest publishers, to write a book called “The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting what you Want”.

Here’s what some people, just like you, have to say about the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting program

“Although I was aware of the principles of The Law of Attraction, Donna communicated the information in such a way that it all made perfect sense.  Not only does she make the theory come to life, but she gives you clear and practical ideas on how to manifest your dreams, and following her ideas has inspired me and helped me to achieve things I never previously thought possible (I’ll tell you a little secret – following Donna’s methods is how I got 2 overseas trips last year)
I can highly recommend Donna as a wonderfully inspiring coach and mentor, and know that if any of you choose to this programs, you won’t be disappointed.  Give it a try – what have you got to lose?”    -   Allison Steedman

“There really are no words big & fab enough to say thank you for re-igniting my dream & passions.  For putting the effervescence back into the vision, placing the Wildly Improbable Goal into my subconscious mind and my own real vision board right in front of my desk … that my excitement can barely be contained !!!   Have already had numerous tasty opportunities drop onto my path since doing the program and am happily snacking on each one :) ”    – Karen Brokensha

I did your Dream Mapping program last sunday ….

… and ohmygod it was amazing, fun and massively inspiring, I highly recommend it!!!
It is the biggest and best investment to dedicate some time and money to personal growth… my new business called “foreign divas” is a result of dream mapping, yum :) ”   -   Liesl Strauss

Since the dream mapping I have rekindled the fire within for my passion of writing and photography. I have made time for myself to develop these creative outlets. I have a photographic website and attend courses and am excited about the art. I also have a blog which is the foundation of the book I am writing.    The Vision Board has stayed with me since I did the Dream Mapping and has become a reference for my life path. I’ll certainly be doing that next year instead of worrying about New year’s Resolutions!   -Basil Stathoulis

“My Wildly Improbable Goal is to carry on in my business, which I love and which is now 5 years old. I have a financial planning practice. I want to work 4 hours a week, and travel a lot. Also to live in a fully paid for house on a hill with a magnificent view. I thought that would NEVER happen when I did the Dream mapping course in Feb 2010, but how wrong I was. Last year in May I went to Germany for 2 weeks, then in July, I hiked the Otter trail, in September I went to Mauritius for 2 weeks. This year in May I went to Italy for 2 weeks. My dream was also to own a black Mercedes SLK, and I took delivery of that in October last year!!

Now I don’t know if I have just been lucky or exactly what has happened, because I can’t exactly put my finger on it. All I know is that the things Donna teaches really, really work. The more good things happen to me, the more other good things happen to me – if you get what I mean. Putting it down in writing makes it almost seem like a fairy tale.

Anyhow, I am delighted at the positive turn my life has taken in the last 18 months. Thank you Donna”  – Gerda Kollman

“I did the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting course the end of last year. It was a time when belief in my dreams was fading…fast! Doing the program was like a huge defrag and reboot. The processes we were led through once again crystallised my vision, but even more powerful and inspiring was being dared to step out of the box and begin creating the life that I dream of – despite the odds!…And the best part, after practicing the techniques for a few months, I know it works ;) ”   – Priya Vassen

Such exciting times for me!  I am finalising my book, which will be published next month and have now sold 7 Franchises of Equal Zeal.

Thanks once again for your very special role from start to finish in making my dream a reality!  The book came out of the Dream Mapping process with you and now a year later my dream is coming true.   – Zelna Lauwrens

“This Dream Mapping Process was a truly profound way to come to a realization of what it is we really want from our lives. I have already started to realize some of these dreams that I focused on while doing the course……

I highly recommend that if you are interested in using a creative way to brainstorm your passions in life, then this course with Donna is a must. Not to mention how wonderful she is as the Fairy Godmother ;) ”  – Andrew Neale

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Dream Mapping and it certainly helped me find some answers and put words to the feelings holding me back, FEAR.”

-       Naz Khan

It has been a while since I did your program and I want to tell you about what I have been doing. I started my own business!  I studied to be come a makeup artist and started Makeup by monique www.makeupbymonique.co.za I do weddings, fashion, any kind of makeup.  I am now loving what I am doing.

-      Monique van der Westhuizen

“Thank you so much for such a fabulous and beneficial Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Course!  I have clarity now and really feel as if I’m on the right track .  I’m feeling so excited and energised - can’t wait to make my dreams a reality!!  I’m usually tired when I wake up in the mornings and stay in bed until the very last minute I’m able to – 06:35.  Not this morning!  I was up at 04:55 reading my FGM workbook.  Thank you”  – Debbie Stretton
“I just wanted to say thanks a million for your fantastic program. I have been walking on clouds ever since I did it. You really have a remarkable way of clearly communicating information which I have come across before but never truly understood – I now truly understand! Great examples and delivered with such passion and enthusiasm.
I have been doing my exercises each night and am on my way to my first WIG becoming a reality – I have already taken some aggressive action! I also have my Dream Journal with me at all times and can’t wait to find a moment to do some of the exercises.Keep up the phenomenal work you are doing, you are a real shining light of inspiration, go girl, you rock!Jane Koeller