I’m Surprised

You know when you have an idea, and you think it’s BRILLIANT and you tell others about it and their reaction is…    

“Meh” or 
a blank stare or 
“Mmm, that sounds nice” with no enthusiasm at all in their voice…  

… and then you feel a little silly? 😳

And you know that feeling when you put up a post on Facebook or a pic on Instagram thinking – “Wow, this post is going to get LOADS of likes and comments” and then… crickets. 😳

Well, I’m having that kind of experience right now, and because I’m super curious, I’d love to know why.

I thought that running a 2 Hour workshop to Teach PARENTS how to teach their Kids about Money – so that your kids have great money habits from early – would be a No-brainer.

In November, I ran a 2 hour “Get Started Investing Workshop” and had 155 people sign up in a couple of days.   

For this MoneyWise Kids Workshop happening this Thursday, I have 41 Moms (and some Dads) signed up. Still, I’m helluva surprised it’s not over 100 already, especially at the very affordable price of $47 or R700. 

So I started what’s apping a few of my regular students (who I know are Moms) to ask why they haven’t enrolled yet.   And here were some of the answers:

“It’s a bit too late at night for my child to join us.”

Eeeeek! Nope, this MoneyWise Kids workshop is NOT for your children to do with you.  
It’s for adults. 

It’s for you, Mama to do as a parent and get lots of money ideas, tips and games and then decide how to implement some of them in your household – based on the age and personality of your kids. 

We’ll be giving you simple, practical money tools and language to use for kids from 3 to 16.  
(After the age of 16, if they have a good financial foundation, they can quickly learn adult concepts.)

We start at 19h30 SA time (17h30 UK time). It runs for 2 hours, LIVE and Online. 

So as a Parent, there’s still time to register and join us for this Thursday (no kids needed).

“I can’t make the Workshop live and online this Thursday 17 March.”

That’s okay, the 2-hour workshop will be recorded and you’ll get a copy of the recording.   

Plus, there’s a bonus of a Facebook group for 8 days where Meike and I will answer any questions you may have.  

And there’s a Second Bonus of a 1 Hour LIVE Question & Answer Session on Wednesday 23 March (which will also be recorded).

Click here to Book 

And then a big one, that I’ve heard a few times and I’m wondering if this is your big reason too Jenny?

“Oh my goodness, I don’t feel like I’ve got my own personal money stuff sorted. How can I dare start teaching my kids if I’m not getting it right myself?”

The Biggest Reason you’re not getting your money stuff right in adult life is that your parents didn’t teach you about money and empower you financially – right?

Here’s the bad news, your kids are learning from you ANYWAY.   

There’s a great phrase: “More is caught than taught”  

If you aren’t actively teaching them, then your kids are catching your money stress and anxiety or your funny money behaviours or your money procrastination anyway. 

It’s up to you to break this inter-generational cycle of not teaching or speaking about money.    

This is EXACTLY why Meike and I have created this workshop to empower YOU as a parent with fundamental financial principles that you can teach your kids and apply to your own money life.

If you’re honest with them about where you are financially and use it as a teaching experience… 
… If you make Being GREAT with Money a Mission as a family… 

… You’ll have unforgettable, connection-creating moments with your kids that will blow your mind. 

I know this because:
Many of my Money Magic students included their spouses and kids in the missions of getting out of debt, saving and investing and growing wealth as a family. 

They have such beautiful stories of how their kids are actively involved and thriving with their positive money mindsets and confidence around money.

That’s what I want for your kids.  And for my child too!  
For them to be savvy, relaxed and confident with money so that it doesn’t keep them awake at night, ever. 

If it’s what you want for them, too – Click here to Join Us.

I’m wondering if there is any other reason you’re not joining us? 

Please leave a comment to let me know because I’m curious and intrigued. 

I’m always looking for ways to add the most value to you so that you live your best, most abundant and thriving life. 



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