Experience Relaxation, Calm and Peace of Mind with these 12 easy, Guided Meditations.

Whether you have never meditated before, or are a seasoned meditator…  these 12 Guided Meditations will make you fall in love with meditating.

These meditations are really easy. You don’t need to “wonder” if you are doing it correctly, each meditation is guided.  The Fairy Godmother’s voice will gently transport you to a state of stillness, peace and tranquillity.

Each meditation has a Specific Purpose to help you shift.  

Whether you wish to decrease stress, eliminate pain or overcome fears.

OR on the flip side…

….feel more empowered, have a healing conversation with your inner child or align your chakras.

There are 12 different meditations for 12 different purposes.

(Read the meditation descriptions below for more info)

Each meditation has a specific purpose to help you in whatever situation you may find yourself.

12 Guided Meditations that will help you Relax, De-stress, Heal and Create a Life you Love.

Quick Relaxation Meditation

Feeling Stressed? Take 5 minutes in your day and use this guided meditation to relax your body and mind and bring you back into a feeling of calm and centeredness.

Peace Within Meditation

This mediation will relax your body, mind and soul. It is focused on balancing, grounding and centering you into the present moment.
It connects you to silence and stillness.

Bust your Limiting Beliefs Meditation

Is there a limiting belief in your life that is holding you back? (I’m not good enough? I can’t be wealthy?) Whatever your limiting belief, this guided meditation takes you on a journey to remove this belief from your subconscious mind.

Connecting with Your Inner Child Meditation

Life was so much fun as a child! Remember those feelings of awe, wonder, curiosity and magic? Want it back? In this meditation encounter your Inner Child and bring the magic of childhood
back into your adult life.

Fulfil your Extraordinary Potential Meditation

Know that feeling ‘Yes! I CAN do it!’? This guided meditation will have all the cells of your body buzzing and your mind clear with a sense of the extraordinary possibility and potential that you have inside you.

Healing Meditation for Disease, Pain and Discomfort

Are you sick? In Pain? Or discomfort? This guided meditation finds the root cause of your dis-ease and looks to the cause (rather than the symptoms) for a solution. Use your body’s own wisdom and miraculous nature to heal yourself.

Release your Fears Meditation

We all have fears that stop us from living our full potential. Through this meditation the Fairy Godmother will guide you to identify and release your fear, with a powerful process for letting it go.

Receptivity Meditation

Open yourself up to the abundance the universe has to offer you. When you learn to receive fully, the universe delivers all your desires.

Golden River of Abundance Meditation

This meditation will help you connect to the energy of wealth and abundance, to support you in manifesting a life that you dream of.

Letting Go of Attachments Meditation

This meditation is to help you let go of things, people, relationships, situations, beliefs, patterns, anything that no longer serves you.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Our chakra’s are the energy centres that allow the free flowing of energy throughout the body. If any are blocked or unbalanced, this results in illness. This meditation will help align your body, mind and soul, leaving you feeling connected, grounded, relaxed and whole.

Safe Space Meditation

An awesome meditation to help you create a haven of tranquillity for yourself in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our world.

Ready to Relax, De-stress, Heal, Create a Life you Love and Fall in Love with Meditation?

Price –  $ 9.99

or R150 (if you are in Southern Africa)

Start your Guided Meditation Journey today!


“Thanks for the difference you are making in my life – I now do a different meditation from your CD every morning as I get to work.  I feel much calmer and in control – procrastination has diminished and with it the guilt!”

– Alice Taylor, Johannesburg

“Oh Donna how could I ever Thank You for the CD! You could quit everything and just sell the guided meditations they are truly amazing!

Just did the chakra balancing meditation for the first time, I feel light, glowing and MAGICAL!

Such an amazing feeling.”

– Olwethu Kwayiba, Cape Town

“I was a chronic insomniac and usually only slept around 4 hours a night.
Since I have been doing the Fairy Godmothers meditations on the cd – I have sorted out my sleeping pattern, and now manage at least 7 hours unaided by sleeping pills. Amazing.”

– Ingrid Ingsler – Johannesburg

Ready to Relax, De-stress, Heal, Create a Life you Love and Fall in Love with Meditation?

Price –  $ 9.99

or R150 (if you are in Southern Africa)

Start your Guided Meditation Journey today!