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Growing Wings

Want to work with your Fairy Godmother for 12 weeks to discover your dreams and goals and have all the tools required to make them happen?

Work with me over 12 weeks to reach your fullest potential…

Growing Wings is the most intense and transformative program that I run. Through the 12 weeks I’m committed to coaching and supporting you want to truly shift your life and move into living the life of your dreams.

This program will only be run ONCE in 2017 starting in January 2017.

A 12 week program to support you in creating what you want and applying the art of manifesting and conscious creation into your life.

The Growing Wings Program is run as an ONLINE course – so you can participate from any city in the world!

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Have your dreams and goals turn into reality
  • Be supported over 12 weeks to help make your dreams come true
  • Develop your Greatness
  • Understand the Art of Manifestation in more detail
  • Apply techniques into life that will help you move beyond your ‘restricting’ patterns
  • Be held accountable for taking action
  • Be part of a group of people that support your success for 12 weeks and beyond.

Sue Northam“Thank you for such an amazing course, so beautifully crafted each week – and for your realistic input during the webinars. It really helps to see how the day-to-day practicalities influence us and how we can take these as opportunities rather than obstacles”Sue Northam – London, United Kingdom

During the 12 week program you will learn how to:

  • Get clear on your TRUE goals
  • Keep your dreams and goals in FOCUS
  • Develop your Intuition
  • Overcome fear and keep taking actions
  • Overcome any ego-based self-sabotage
  • Build support around you for your new dreams and goals
  • Overcome feelings of “stuckness” or failure
  • Stay in YOUR flow
  • Overcome negative beliefs
  • Celebrate your successes to attract more
  • Keep applying all the tools for the rest of your life

Most importantly during the 12 weeks you will be APPLYING all this learning into your life and seeing EXTRAORDINARY results as you practice turning your dreams into reality.

The program is an internet based program.

During the program you will have:

  • A weekly module to read, videos to watch and audio to listen to
  • Weekly exercises to apply the learning into your life
  • Weekly feedback to do on the internet – to monitor your successes and results
  • Support of the group
  • A Buddy system to keep you accountable
  • Coaching from the Fairy Godmother during 5 x 90 minute Webinars
  • There are 5 set dates for the webinars and the remainder of the program you complete week by week in your own time.

Louis and BridgetteOur journey with you on the Growing Wings programme has been perfect. It has given us a support structure that we needed to carry us from dreaming into living and manifesting. We have the tools to realise our ambitions, dreams, goals, passions as well as an insight into how to manage our fears. We live in awareness and gratitude and motion.Bridgette and Louis Bolton – Johannesburg, South Africa

You should NOT do this program if:

  • You are not prepared to spend about 3 – 4 hours a week on the program (30 – 40 minutes a day)
  • You want to live an ordinary life
  • You are not serious about the program
  • You do not have access to the internet

Next Growing Wings Program starts Monday 30 January 2017

I really want to make sure that the people on this program, are the people who are truly committed to the program, as I work in detail and coach you over the 12 weeks to reach your fullest potential… and I only take a limited number of people on this program and I only run this program once a year.

Which is why Growing Wings is by application only.

If your application is approved, the program has the following pricing.


There are two payment methods (to make it affordable for you) – either a once off payment or a monthly payment over 3 months.

Once off payment – R4900 or $490 once-off for the 12 week program

Monthly payment – R1800 or $ 180 per month x 3 months


* Required



Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Mobile Number:

Why does this Growing Wings Program interest you?*

What is your current life situation?*)

What are you wanting to change about your life?*

How did you hear about the Growing Wings Program?*

Why is this the perfect time for you to do the Growing Wings Program?*

What results would you like to have come out of the program?*

Anything Else?

Once you apply, you will receive feedback from us on your application within 5 Business Days.

P.S. Do you believe it is better to GIVE or to RECEIVE?

Most of us were taught that it is better to give than to receive and yet the truth is that Giving and Receiving are merely flip sides of the same coin.

Have you ever found yourself giving and giving and giving – to friends, family, work colleagues – to the point where you feel exhausted, worn-out or even resentful?

If you only focus on the “giving part” of the cycle and don’t allow yourself to receive too, you end up completely depleting your tank.

On my 12 Week Growing Wings program I devote one full week to teaching you the “Art of Receiving”, because it really is an art. You learn to replenish your tank so that when you give you do so from abundance and overflow rather than from your reserves. (Here’s a gift for you, which is one of the tools from the Growing Wings program. it is a Guided Meditation on RECEPTIVITY – a 17 minute audio that will guide you to open your body and mind to receiving the generous gifts that life has for you. Enjoy!!
Download the gift NOW

Today notice how you RECEIVE…

  • The most basic thing that you need to live, Air – that life giving force? How do you breathe?
  • The energy from food – do you even notice it as you chew? or do you just gulp food down unconsciously?
  • Help and Support – do you allow others to help you? Or do you do it all on your own?
  • Acknowledgment from others?

When you open up your ability to receive, you open up your ability to RECEIVE OPPORTUNITIES, the abundance, the money, the support, the energy that life is waiting to give you to support you with your dreams and goals.

Life/ the Universe/ God really IS that generous!

Yet most people are too busy giving, to even notice the gifts that life wants to give YOU!


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