Well, what if a modern-day Fairy Godmother wrote a book that you could use to turn dreams and goals into reality? It is almost as good as having her with you, in person, waving her wand.

The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What You Want is a self-help book with a difference.

It does not claim to offer readers a quick fix: “Anyone trying to sell you the ‘secret’ to happiness”, says the author,  “is another drug dealer in this world of pop psychology”.

Rather, it offers readers who are willing and ready to take responsibility for their lives, guidelines for living the life they want.

The premise of the book is based on 3 principles:

1. Aligning mind, body and soul so that you may…

2. Discover what it is you really want, and thus…

3. Manifest (make real) your dreams and desires

Methods that have been tried and tested by the Fairy Godmother herself and over a thousand ‘Daring Dreamers’ who have benefited from her self-help programs, will provide you with practical know-how to map out goals, find direction and achieve your dreams.

The book is infused with a positive, generous spirit.

Journal exercises, case studies and personal anecdotes will inspire and motivate readers on their path towards self-discovery and You.

Paperback Copies of the Book are only Available at Fairy Godmother Events and Seminars.



“I am loving every word! I LOVE the way you write..it is like having a conversation with you!! You are so inspiring, your wisdom is astounding and your honesty is so refreshing!!”

– Kendall Thompson

“Fabulous book! Bought it yesterday and devoured it.:) A refreshing take on life and its mysteries!!”

– Ian Calaca

This is ‘that book’ to buy for friends’ birthdays, and not just one of them, all your best friends!

–  CapeTownMagazine.com

Very inspiring and refreshing. Incredible.

–  Michelle Dennis, Northglen News

“I love your evocative and expressive writing style & had real fun reading your personal stories!”

– Adele Howell-Pryce

Loved your book, very inspiring (and I’ve read LOTS of ‘self-help’ books!!! You brought them all together and gave practical, concrete ways of putting all the theory into practice). Good on you for having the courage to follow your dream.

– Sue, Johannesburg

Thank you so much for becoming a fairy godmother and writing this book, I am only busy with chapter 6 now and trying to work through it slowly, so I can take in as much as possible!

– Selina Newman

Your book has really helped me. I have worked through it and I have been doing the exercises, and feel excited about life for the first time in a very long time.

Paperback Copies of the Book are only Available at Fairy Godmother Events and Seminars.