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My 4 Important Lessons from 2017

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of Reflection about 2017.

Recently I did the Reflection Webinar to take you through this powerful process.

Last night on my Master Manifesters call (which is a small, invite-only group of extraordinary people who I coach) each individual in the group shared their successes, what they are most proud of, their challenges and their lessons.

It was like gold listening to everyone share.

So, I wanted to share with you some of my personal reflections and lessons from 2017 as Life is the BEST teacher there is…


Lesson 1: Simply LOVE the other person

My partner, Geoff, had a tumultuous year. It was challenging, rough and tough.

I learned to support him and love him and not get caught up in his “stuff”.

I learned the difference between “rescuing” someone and simply showing up and loving him, no matter where he is on his personal journey.

I kept repeating to myself throughout the year – “My job is just to love him!”

This has created a tremendous deepening in our relationship


Lesson 2: Surround yourself with AMAZING People who stretch you

In the middle of 2016 I realised that one of the Key Principles that I teach in manifesting your “Dreams & Goals with Soul” I had stopped doing… (yes, there are times when I forget my most powerful tools!)

The Key Principle?
“Build your Supporting Cast”

Which means connect with people who have BIGGER Dreams and Goals than you. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Engage in conversations that stretch you to the next level (even though they may scare the bejeezus out of you).

In 2017 I did this. I created and became part of 4 incredible groups of people who inspire the hell out of me.

In one of those groups I really felt like the dumbest and least successful person in the room.  Which was important in helping me stretch myself.

As a result my business has expanded dramatically this year. I have felt incredibly supported. My Supporting Cast have helped me expand my possibilities.

And my goals for 2018 are AWESOME!

This is what I do for thousands of people and it was so important for me to re-create it for myself.


Lesson 3: Life is short. Live your Dreams NOW

In 2017 there were a number of deaths and severe illnesses of people very close to me.

It has made me realise the importance of “Just doing it now!”

These deaths have made me braver and more able to face my own fear and do it anyway.

I have considered what my regrets may be. I then sorted out and cleaned up that stuff. Whether repairing relationships, spending more time with the people who matter or finishing my next book.


Lesson 4: It’s all a Game!

When I take life too seriously, I know I’m in trouble!

When I approach life with lightness, fun, a sense of adventure and seeking to enjoy every step of the journey (even when some of those steps are F-ing revolting)…

That is when I experience true MAGIC, Ease and Effortlessness and my dreams and goals miraculously happen.

This is something that I keep teaching others and keep learning myself at deeper and deeper levels.
So there are the 4 lessons…

 I wonder what your lessons from 2017 are?

Share your Lessons with me in the comments below >>

And if you’re not sure yet, take time over the holidays to Reflect and distill the powerful lessons that life inevitably taught you this year.

Love, Wishes and Magic
aka Your Fairy Godmother

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