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Dream Mapping Facilitators Training

9 years.
Over 200 workshops. 5 different countries. More than 6000 people.
Individuals. Companies. NGO’s. Teenagers.
Many now living their dreams and fulfilling their full potential.
Emails every week of people’s successes flying into my inbox

Making money + Deep Satisfaction of making a Difference for Others = WOW!

This is what Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops have been in my world.

And now, I’m delighted to be ready to pass it on to you.

Would you love to have the experience of Facilitating the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting process for others?

Yes? Then read on… (this is a long email with all the info!)

No? Perfect, stop reading now! Go back to manifesting your dreams ;-)

You’d love to do this! Yippppeeeee!

Background and the LowDown:

Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops are powerful and this work needs to grow!

When I started conceptualizing and visioning passing on the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting to facilitators, I considered all sorts of “business models” like…

  1. Training Facilitators to work for me – As a Fairy G, I’m great at inspiring others, I’m terrible at managing staff. My work as a Fairy Godmother is to get people OUT of being employed and into independent, free working lives. So this felt YUCK and completely against what I stand for.
  2. Franchising the Workshop – way too much bureaucracy, red tape, measuring and monitoring. It felt really heavy. It was a NO.
  3. Licensing the Workshop – Using the Fairy Godmother brand. Facilitators paying every year to keep doing workshops. Would facilitators want to wear wings? Probably not! It didn’t sit right.

Then I asked myself the KEY question:

What inspires me and what would I really LOVE to do?

What I LOVE is…

  • To see this Dream Mapping work spread and create even more magic in the world
  • To teach and train people into their full potential
  • To work with a small group of people who are inspired by this work and do a magical 5 day training program somewhere out of a city connected to nature
  • To go deep with you and teach you the essence behind dreams, goals and manifesting them and how to pass those tools on to others
  • For you to bring your own style, flavor, authenticity, brand and pizazz to Dream Mapping and Goal Setting
  • For you to have as much fun and joy as possible with this process with thousands of people anywhere in the world
  • For you to apply Dream Mapping and Goal Setting however and wherever you feel it is appropriate
  • For you the have the same Freedom that I have enjoyed doing these workshops where I want, when I want with whomever I want.

When you do what you love, magic happens.


No legalities. No Franchising models. No “cuts” from your work or workshops.
No forcing my brand or style on you.
No stringent rules about pricing or standards or when to do them or where.

Once you’ve done the Facilitators Training there are no royalties, no commissions, no annual licensing fees.


It feels light. It feels lovely. It feels right!

Here’s how it works:

Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Facilitators Training

A 6 Day, 5 Night Intensive Facilitators Training with me your Fairy Godmother

By the end of the 6 Day Facilitator Training you’ll have

  • Learned Facilitation Techniques – how to get a group engaged, inspired, participating and learning from you.
  • Practiced those facilitation techniques within the group
  • Content for 3 types of Workshops
  • Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop – for individuals of the public
  • Dream Mapping and Goal Setting for Companies/ Organisations/ Teams
  • Map your Dream Career for Teens at Schools
  • Marketing Ideas for all 3 types of Workshops
  • Bookings and Enquiry handling suggestions – with templates, examples and spreadsheets (in digital format)
  • Logistics and Set-up Guide for the Workshops – with checklists
  • Suggested Suppliers for Materials, Venues etc.
  • A Digital Guide with all the copy, content, pictures, templates and spreadsheets
  • You’ll have gone deeper into the Art of Manifesting and can translate that into more of your own dreams and goals
  • A ready made workshop toolkit to go out and use to earn you income immediately
  • Have been part of a wonderful group and have a ready-made network of other people doing this work to support you in your own processes.

By the time you’ve finished the training you’ll have the tools to organize, market and facilitate a workshop the very next week and start earning money!

Once you’ve done the training…


Want to do a workshop for 5 people in your Living Room once a month – Fabulous!

Inspired to go to schools and impact thousands of kids a year – Great!

Love working with companies and want to use this to impact their team visions, goals and strategies – Awesome!

You’re a coach and want to use the process to begin a 1-on-1 coaching process with your clients – Perfect!

Want to run it as a main revenue stream in your life – Brilliant!

Want to just make a few thousand rand extra in a month to add to your income – Super!

Want to do it only on weekends as a part-time thing – Fab!

Want to do it during the week – Go for it!

No pressure. You run it how it works best for your life.

Income Potential

Here’s an Idea of the Income Potential and what you can earn for doing this work.

My current rates for Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops

Company Dream Mapping Workshop (5 hours)
R22 000 ex VAT

Schools – Map your Dream Career Workshop (6 hours)
R 280 per child with minimum of 50 teens and max 100 teens
R 14 000 – R 28 000

Public Workshops (8 hours)
R990 per participant
Normally have between 10 up to 50 participants – eg. R 9 900 to R 49 500

Your earnings potential with the Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshops is unlimited.
What you earn is up to you and how you want to run your workshops.
Your income COULD START at R 14 850 for a 15 person workshop.

Which makes the pricing of the Facilitators Training super reasonable and affordable.

Additional Affiliate Revenue (Optional)

As a Facilitator, if you’d like to promote Fairy Godmother Online Courses to your clients for them to continue their learning and growth, you’ll get a 30% Affiliate Fee (Referral Fee) on the price of all the online programs.

As a Facilitator you can also buy all the Fairy Godmother Products like Books, Meditation CD’s etc. at wholesale rates to sell during your workshops.

Dates and Details of the 2017 Training

This is a 5 night, 6 day RESIDENTIAL Facilitators Training in the Magaliesberg.

Dates: Thursday 23rd March (11h00) – Tuesday 28th March (16h00)

Venue: Melody Hill Retreat, Magaliesberg (about 90 minutes outside Johannesburg)

Price of Facilitators Training: R 27 900

This includes 5 nights accommodation (sharing rooms), delicious vegetarian meals for 6 days and all the training.

Payment Options

Once-off Payment R 27 900

Two Payments R 14 100 x 2 payments
(1 payment now to book your space and second by 1 February 2017)

Five Monthly Payments R 5 700 x 5 payments
As a Debit Order or Credit Card

Early Bird Special

Book and Pay by Friday 2 December 2016 and pay 2016 prices

Once-off Payment R 26 900

Two Payments R 13 600 x 2 payments
(1 payment now to book your space and second by 1 February 2017)

Five Monthly Payments R 5 500 x 5 payments
As a Debit Order or Credit Card

There will be preparation work for you to do in February and March 2017 before the Training begins. This will be about 15 hours preparation in your own time.

They say when you Teach you Learn.

I have spent the last 9 years teaching this work and in the process have created an extraordinary life and so many of my own dreams have come true.

I’d LOVE for you to have the same experience!

The ONLY pre-requisites for you to join this training are – your willingness, your eagerness to learn and your excitement to spread and share this work.

There are ONLY 14 Spaces on this Facilitators Training

Book your Place Now

Please email me directly at with your contact details and preferred payment option.

I’m SO excited about all of this and I know you are too – WOW!

Love, wishes and magic
Donna (aka The Fairy Godmother)
P.S. Serendipity!

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