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To live your Best, Juiciest, most Fun Life you need to access your Authentic, Soul-Inspired Dreams and Goals and learn how to manifest them.

AKA, The Fairy Godmother.

For the last 12 years, I have helped thousands of people in 45 countries around the world get clear on their dreams, visions and goals and how to make them happen.

And in the process, so many of my own dreams and goals have come true – travelling to 41 countries, meeting my soul-mate, being a best-selling author, buying my dream-car, doing this work that I love, getting to surf most mornings, helping others… Plus so much more…

Many of my clients initially started working with me because they knew there was something MORE for them and they had a deep longing to live their best, juiciest most sparkly life!

When it comes to Dreams and Goals, I find my clients fall into one of 3 categories.

You are “stuck in a rut”, feeling deflated, with no idea what your dreams and goals are. OR You have so many different dreams and goals, but had no idea where to focus and nothing ever seems to materialise. OR You have a big dream or goal, but you’re just stuck and getting frustrated in making it happen and you really want to shift to the next level in your life.


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Waiting or Taking Action?

 Waiting is IMPORTANT and is highly underrated as a step in Manifesting your Dreams & Goals and Attracting what you Want.   We live in a culture that worships “action” and “doing” and “being busy”. You may even feel guilty if you relax or have times of doing...

Your Soul speaks in Symbols + An Unusual Spirit Animal Message

  When you think of a Spirit Animal you possibly think of the popular ones like a dolphin, an eagle or a lion.   My Spirit Animal this year is very unusual… “Animal Totems” or Spirit Animals is the idea that animals come into our lives at the perfect time as...

Feeling Exhausted? 5 Quick Tips to Shift It…

  Are you experiencing the end-of-year exhaustion? Trying to “push” through? Over-doing in our society is a very real "disease" and can end up in exhaustion, burn-out and illness. Before you reach out for another cup of coffee or try to “push” through... Read...

Magic Ingredient 4: Gratitude

  Much has been written about Gratitude as a practice: Oprah has suggested you keep a Gratitude Journal. You may have heard of keeping a “gratitude stone” or “counting your blessings” or an “Attitude of Gratitude”. What is it about Gratitude that makes it a Key...

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith!

  Over the past week, I’ve shared with you the first 2 Magic Ingredients for making your Dreams and Goals happen. They were: Magic Ingredient 1: Creating out of Ease and Okayness (rather than creating out of dissatisfaction or a sense of lack) More on this Magic...

Don’t be SMART with your Goals – Here’s why…

  Yesterday I shared with you the first of the 4 Magical Ingredients when creating your Goals for this year, which is getting out of dissatisfaction and into Ease and Okayness. If you missed it read it HERE. Magical Ingredient Number 2: Dream BIG! In my Dream and...

The 4 Magical Ingredients for your Dream and Goals

There are 4 Magical Ingredients MISSING when most people dream about new possibilities or setting new goals. These 4 ingredients have hardly ever been taught and as a result, most people aren’t successful in achieving their goals. Many people give up on goals...

I made a deal with a city… and I returned to celebrate

 Bariloche, in Argentina, is a picturesque, chocolate box town. It overlooks a massive lake while the snow-covered peaks of the magnificent Andes circle the inhabitants like guardians watching over their lives.It is here I began to explore my inner magic as a Fairy...

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself… {Part 1}

  Stuckness. That icky, gooey, “help-I’m-moving-through-treacle” feeling. We ALL get stuck at times; experiencing slumps and troughs. Those times when it feels like NOTHING is happening. You are in the forest and have completely lost your way. The path of your...


Thousands of people have worked with the Fairy Godmother to get clear on their dreams & goals and manifest them with ease.

But don’t just take my word for it.

So many Dreams have come true with Fairy Godmother guidance! Here are a few…

Marnita Opperman Lost 40kgs, left corporate life and started her own business.

Ingrid Irsigler   From depressed designer to award-winning, global, fashion photographer with her dream, beach cottage.  

Faith Mashele   Attended Harvard – a dream come true!

Darren MacDonald   From corporate life to starting 2 adventure companies and climbing mountains like Everest.

Aneeka Moosa   Travelled to the Blue Mosque. And has started an NGO to give back.

Isabella Daly After going through a tumultuous divorce, Isabella manifested the love of her life & married him.

Louis Bolton Dream come true, being an award-winning, documentary film-maker.

Charmain Lines Wrote 2 Books. Travelled for 6 months in Europe. Did a world-class cooking experience. Bought a dream apartment in Spain. Wow!

Tracy Winde From being a full-time mom to starting her own travel company & having lunch with the Dalai Lama.

Yashmita Bhana A new entrepreneur with a big goal. 5 years later she was awarded Business Woman of the Year.

Michelle Thomas   From Johannesburg mother to owner of a beautiful retreat Centre in Portugal.

Gosia Miller Manifested beautiful twin girls. A dream come true!

My Dream has Come True

“Such exciting times for me! I am busy finalising my book…and have attached a rough draft for you to take a look at. I really hope you like my DREAM COME TRUE! Thanks once again for your very special role from start to finish in making my dream a reality! I really am glad we met Donna! You are my shining star!!” – Zelna Lauwrens

My Dream has Come True - I’ve found my purpose

“I have to say that this course has been the best success in my life for a very long time and I have loved, loved every single minute of it! Thank you Donna from the depths of my soul! You’ve allowed me to find a purpose in my life again by discovering myself!” – Nicole Kubbinga

I believe in myself more than ever before

“For once in a long time I feel like I’ve made progress and that I can do anything I set my heart to, and that’s just to focus and work on my strengths. I believe in myself more than ever before and have realised that it’s ok if I make mistakes, just as long as I can learn from them. Continue spreading your magic, trust me it works. It’s always magical working with you Fairy Godmother.” – Sibahle “Sparkle” Motha

All my Dreams have fallen into place in 1 year!

“It is amazing to see how all my dreams fell into place over the years and how the pictured unfolded for me. And how I met other people to clarify and further develop certain of the aspects to let it all fall into place. I can honestly say that most if not all of my dreams on the dream map came true and that it delivered EVEN MORE than what I imagined. I did not necessarily end up with the exact picture, but it is certainly a great picture.“ – Anina Els

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