Enjoy a relaxed weekend nourishing your body, quietening your mind and re-igniting your soul.

Reconnect to your potential and your true fulfilling life path.

Are you so busy being busy that it feels like you’ve lost touch with what’s truly important?

Are you so involved with taking care of others – your kids, spouse, business, clients, life – that you have lost connection with yourself?

Do you feel like there is a block that’s stopping you from shifting into your full potential?

In your daily, city life it is easy to get caught up in the “noise”.
You get BUSY.  You overwork.  You stress.  You get exhausted.
And you lose touch with YOU.

You detour away from your dreams and soul desires.
You self-sabotage.
You feel overwhelmed and go off track (or you aren’t even sure what the ‘right’ track is?)

Spend a weekend on a eco-farm in the Heart of the Overberg in June 2021 with Donna McCallum (aka The Fairy Godmother) to experience the Magic, Authenticity and Inspiration that happens when you align body, mind and soul and connect to your deepest desires.    

Enjoy a supportive and gentle environment at a magnificent retreat centre where you can slow down, nurture your body, quieten your mind and re-connect to the whispering wisdom of your soul and intuition.

When you leave this retreat you will…

Feel nourished

Have daily tools and practices to make your life radiant

Have turned your problems and setbacks into nourishment

Reconnect with your Soul Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Be creating your life from a Fearless Vision

Be connected to your Intuitive Wisdom as a compass to guide your life


Friday 4 June to
Sunday 6 June 2021.

Retreat Starts at 6pm on Friday and ends at 4pm on Sunday


The Hearth & Soul Retreat Centre, Stanford
(160kms / 120 minutes away from Cape Town)


2 Night Weekend Retreat in Shared Accommodation + all Meals

R4 900

To book, email Krystie at info@fairygodmotherinc.com


We can only take a maximum of 14 people on this retreat and spaces always fill up fast.

Email Krystie at info@fairygodmotherinc.com

about the venue:

Hearth & Soul is a soulful retreat venue in the heart of the Overberg Mountains, two hours from Cape Town, near Stanford. (Just past Hermanus).

This is a connect-with-nature weekend, the best way to get back into our centre and the truth of who we really are. And on an Eco-farm which will immerse you in nature.

Hearth and Soul is a tranquil, idyllic and magnificent setting for transformation work.

Accommodation is provided in different shared rooms with single beds.

Delicious vegetarian and healthy meals for the whole weekend are lovingly made by the resident chef.

This is a magical venue for a Weekend Retreat near Cape Town.

Themes that will be explored during this retreat:

Connecting to your dreams and destiny at a soul level

The Art of Manifesting – 3 core principles to create what you want

Self-sabotage and what is stopping you from manifesting your goals

How to work with those parts of you (body-mind-soul) that need re-integration

Intuition and your soul-knowing.


During the weekend you will enjoy…

for the body

Delicious Food
Yoga and Gentle Walks

for the mind

Conversation Circles

for the soul

Deep exploration of your dreams and desires and how to start making them happen in your life

Connecting to intuition

A group of people asking the same questions as you are

What Previous Participants have to say about the Weekend Retreat…

AKA, The Fairy Godmother.

Thank you for considering me to be your guide. 

It is my delight to run these retreats to help you get clear on your dreams; uncover the blocks that are stopping you; give you tools to shift through your fears and teach you the exquisite gifts that come from self-appreciation and nourishing self.

I have been a Fairy Godmother for over 13 years helping people to create their best, juiciest, most exciting lives that they love.

On these retreats, we create deep and holistic shifts over a few days at a level of body, mind and soul.   

You’ll work with me in person to shift you into the next level of your potential.

Look forward to having you with us on this Retreat!

Love, Wishes and Magic


We can only take a maximum of 14 people on this retreat and spaces always fill up fast.

Email Krystie at info@fairygodmotherinc.com

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