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Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck {Part 2}

Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck {Part 2}

Another 3 Steps to Shift You Out of Being Stuck {Part 2} 

Last week I shared with you the first 3 steps to shift out of being stuck…

They were…

Step 1 – Become Aware that you Stuck (and in a negative space)

Step 2 – Be Kind and Gentle with yourself

Step 3 – MOVE – Get the emotion out

If you missed it and the tips along with the article, READ the first 3 steps here >>

I promised a further 3 ‘un-sticking’ steps and here they are… :-)

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself… {Part 1}

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself... {Part 1}

Stuck? 6 Steps to Shift yourself… {Part 1} Stuckness. That icky, gooey, “help-I’m-moving-through-treacle” feeling. We ALL get stuck at times; experiencing slumps and troughs. Those times when it feels like NOTHING is happening. You are in the forest and have completely lost your way. The path of your dreams seems like a faint memory. Fear,…

The Chinese Curse + crazy world events… and what you can do about it.

The Chinese Curse for Web

The Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times…” 2016 – Interesting times. The past decade – Interesting times. (No matter where in the world you live). On the eve of the US election results, as external events get more and more “interesting” and rollercoaster-ish, I ask myself: “What can I do to stay centered, grounded,…

I made a deal with a city… and I returned to celebrate

I made a deal with a city… and I returned to celebrate

Bariloche, in Argentina, is a picturesque, chocolate box town. It overlooks a massive lake while the snow-covered peaks of the magnificent Andes circle the inhabitants like guardians watching over their lives. It is here I began to explore my inner magic as a Fairy Godmother (11 years ago). It is here inspiration flowed through me…

5 Steps to turn your Envy & Jealousy into a Force for Good

5 Steps to turn your Envy & Jealousy into a Force for Good

My boyfriend, Geoff, has more literary genius inside his left pinkie than I have in my whole being. At the moment we are apart. I’m in Durban focusing on finishing the first draft of my next book and he’s in Angola working in his hard-hat and big boot, marine engineering world. He sent me this…

Brexit: Lessons in Manifesting


As a South African living miles away from the United Kingdom, I only heard about Brexit 4 weeks ago. My boyfriend and I then spent 2 hours Googling and researching Brexit and its implications. We merrily discussed the pros and cons of staying or going, without having any attachment to the result. My final comment…

My next BIG, Scary Dream

My next BIG, Scary Dream

Dreams and Goals are meant to be scary They are meant to make you quiver with excitement and shudder with fear simultaneously. They do that because in the journey towards them you will grow and fail and stretch and learn and be challenged and be thoroughly delighted. Sometimes dreams can be so scary that you postpone, procrastinate…

Magical Questions from a lazy, whispering Ocean

Magical Questions from a lazy, whispering Ocean

I’m a surfer. It is an activity that delights me to the core of my body, mind and soul. Today the waves were big, slow and lazy. Despite looking like they had some juice, they required a huge amount of paddling and very few surfers were catching waves. After 45 minutes I had only caught…

3 Lessons in Flow from My Wisest Teacher

Donna and Lolly

This is Lolly. She is a cherub-faced, cheeky Guru who embodies 3 core Flow Foundations. Lesson 1: Being present Lolly is four years old and she lives in the moment. She hardly remembers yesterday. She doesn’t really think about tomorrow and next week is a concept she can’t even comprehend. She knows I’m old. When…

Success was my Heroin

I used to crave success. That external thing outside me that would validate me, make me feel worthy. That potent potion that would make everything feel ‘good and okay’. In my 20’s my pursuit of success led me into the dark alleys of a workaholic. It took me down the rabbit-hole of struggle. You have to…

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