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An Online MasterClass to
Indulge your Crypto Curiosity,   
Explore Bitcoin’s Energetic, Spiritual, Practical and Financial Nature
Understand the Risks
& Learn how to make your First Safe Investment in Bitcoin. 

If you’re in South African you’ll pay only R 1200 in Rands

This MasterClass is for conscious, curious and open-minded women who want to understand the basics of the Crypto world – not just financially and practically as an investment but how it fits into the shift of consciousness on the planet.

You can Start Learning about Bitcoin Today!

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $77 or R1200

PLUS a Bonus 1 hour recorded Q&A session.

Lifetime replay access is included in your ticket.

Hey There,

if you’re looking at this page, you’re curious about Crypto for a few reasons…

… you’ve been hearing so much about it from friends, the media and maybe even your kids…

but you’re not sure whether to be sceptical or jump in.

Or perhaps you’ve dipped your toe in and bought a bit, but now it looks like it’s crashed. Eeeeeek!


Is it a “get-rich-quick scheme?”,


“is it a scam?”,


“are the people making money with it just lucky or lying?”,


“what about all the volatility?”


or “is it perhaps a new but real investment option?”


or “have I already missed out on a great opportunity?”

These thoughts fly around your head and keep you from learning more or doing anything about it. It all feels too overwhelming and let’s face it, your life is busy.

You may even have an intuition that there is more to this crypto world and perhaps there’s something energetic, transformational and consciousness-shifting about it – but you’re not sure how to put your finger on it.

You wonder how it fits into your Investing and creating a thriving Financial Future for yourself and your family while being true to your values.

And you’d love quick clarity on whether it’s for you;

And if it is, you want to know the practical steps of how to buy it and how to keep it safe.

Quick, Practical Clarity about BitCoin

Join Us for only $77

If you’re in South Africa, you’ll pay in Rands – R1200.

The Spiritual Evolution


While you’re curious about Crypto as an investment, what you may NOT know is that BitCoin is the SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF MONEY.

Money is an energy that touches every person on the planet – Daily.

Money is an energy and consciousness woven into the fabric of our human species.

It affects us mentally, emotionally and practically.

Bitcoin is an evolutionary leap in the way the system of money works, which will not only affect us practically but will also create transformation in the evolution of consciousness.

From our current economic system which is fuelled by power-hunger, reckless ambition and irresponsibility to our planet. (It’s the Collective Solar Plexus Chakra entirely out of balance)…

… to a Heart-Centered, connected, collaborative, decentralised, sovereign and free system.    

One that adds the qualities of the Heart Chakra like kindness, compassion and value-recognition to create the kind of economic system we yearn for

Please don’t let your overwhelm, scepticism, fear or being irked by the “bro-marketing” around Crypto hold you back from being part of this evolution. 

What to Expect

By the End of this BitCoin Masterclass you’ll:

and FINANCIAL Aspects:

Know whether you’re in the right financial circumstances to invest in BitCoin. (Depending on your financial situation, for some people, I actually recommend NOT to get into Crypto).

Get a Map of the Cryptocurrency landscape and I’ll give you a compass to help you navigate its possibilities and pitfalls. 

Understand how BitCoin and Crypto fit into your Investment Strategy and help diversify your assets.  

Know IF it’s the right time for you to invest in Bitcoin.

Receive an excellent overview of the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts.  

Have the Simple, Practical Steps of how to buy it, where to buy it, how much to buy, how to keep it safe and the potential tax implications.

Discover and be Inspired by the TRANSFORMATION and SPIRITUAL Aspects:

Why BitCoin is the Evolution of Money – Energetically, Spiritually, Practically and Financially.

Understand how the transformational nature of Bitcoin relates to the Chakras, your spiritual evolution and the spiritual evolution of the planet. 

Why BitCoin has the potential to be a catalyst for moving into a heart-centred, sovereign and value-recognising world.

Join us on this MasterClass
so you can go from


Bouncing between feeling sceptical of Crypto OR experiencing FOMO to making a CLEAR DECISION if it’s right for you.


Feeling overwhelmed about where to start to feeling empowered about Cryptocurrency. 


Wondering how to invest in Bitcoin to knowing the exact simple steps to invest and, most importantly, keeping it safe.


Being Curious about Crypto to making a logical and “good feeling” investment decision that fits with your values of what is good for you and good for the world. 

 Can’t watch it today?  That’s okay.
Lifetime replay access is included in your ticket.

Why NOW is the BEST TIME to Learn about Crypto:

Bitcoin is here to Stay

It’s proved its resilience over 13 years of naysayers, sceptics and the evolution of technology.  

Right now, we’re on the cusp of Bitcoin moving from a niche investment into mass adoption and the possibility of making way above-average returns still exists. 

The worldwide reality of inflation and the radical printing of money by governments around the world during the Covid times is making Bitcoin an even more important means of storing wealth.

Big Institutional Investment companies have recently formed teams to research and look at Crypto and advise their high-net-worth investors on it.

Companies like PayPal, Tesla, Square, Amazon and Walmart have also created crypto teams to research how to incorporate it into their businesses.

It’s like investing in the internet in 1998!

The internet altered our lives in ways we couldn’t even fathom in 1998. Many of the wealthiest people today, twenty years ago learned about and bet their careers on the breakthroughs of the internet.

I genuinely believe that in 20 years, we’ll look back and in hindsight, see that BitCoin has been one of the most dramatic technological and life-shifting events on the planet.

Details of the BitCoin MasterClass:

You can START Learning about Bitcoin Today! 

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $77 or R1200

PLUS a Bonus 1-hour recorded Q&A session.

Lifetime replay access is included in your ticket.


Hi, I’m Donna McCallum

Since 2011 I have been teaching people worldwide how to move out of their stress and anxiety about money and build financial confidence, security and ultimately financial freedom. 

Over 1800 people have been through my Money Magic program and have moved out of debt, started saving and investing and are empowered to create financial freedom.    

Many of my students – everyday people – have gone from being in debt or “just making enough” to multi-millionaires by applying the Practical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic principles of money that I teach.

I’m delighted to be doing this Online Workshop on Discovering and Exploring BitCoin with you. 

In 2021, while doing more of my own exploring and discovering about Crypto, I realised that Bitcoin may very well be one of the most visionary, transformative and free-thinking things we have ever experienced in the history of our species.

It has a huge role to play in the Evolution of Money and the shifting of consciousness on the planet.

I invite you to indulge your curiosity and come and explore with me the potential magic, vision and transformative nature of Bitcoin with this new MasterClass I’ve created.


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