AKA, The Fairy Godmother.  

I’m a transformation catalyst, teacher and writer and my gift is to help you get inspired, give your unique gifts to the world and finally live the life you dream of.

In 2004 I was stuck in a rut.  It was a societally defined “successful” rut – I had my own business, a beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean, a long-term relationship and yet I still found myself driving in traffic on the way to work and thinking “Is this it? Is this what it is really all about?”

Even though it “looked successful” on the outside my soul was crying out for something different.

I was longing to live a meaningful, deeply fulfilled and authentic life that would make my soul sing with delight.

The only problem…   I had NO IDEA what that was.

For more than a decade I’ve been a Fairy Godmother and through my workshops, retreats, online training programs and best-selling book, I have ignited thousands of people like you, from over 45 countries, onto the path of Dreaming Big and given them practical tools to actually make that happen.

The best bit, I get to live my own dreams too…  Like amazing international travel, making a difference for others, meeting my soul-mate, writing books and creating my own financial freedom.


This is a question I hear a lot.

You can read a short version of the story here OR if you want more in-depth detail you can read my best-selling book – The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What You Want.

I believe that if you are truly INSPIRED by a Dream, you will be able to achieve it.

In my work with over 21 000 people on their dreams, goals, finances, faith and flow I’ve seen that if you unearth your authentic, soul-driven, inspiring dreams you can make them happen.

I don’t teach lightening-fast, 1 week, results that fizzle and fade after the dust has settled.

I specialise in creating a sustainable, joyful connection to your authentic self and the expression of your authentic dreams and goals.

When you LET GO of the stuff that no longer serves you…

When you show up as YOU with all your flaws and your endless potential…

When you get very PRESENT to the current moment…

When you find your EASE and then access your appreciation…

When you nourish the SPARK of your desires, your gifts and your unique talent…

When you SHARE that with a few or many people (your choice)…

When you get into a great RELATIONSHIP with money

When you DANCE in delight as a co-creator of your reality – Asking, Receiving and taking Inspired Action…

This has created hundreds of phenomenal success stories of clients that I have worked with.    Some for a few months and some over a number of years…

From being a “bored lawyer” to running a successful Mediation business that she loves.

“Miraculous! I have turned my dream business into a flourishing one with ease, positivity and fulfilment. My monthly turnover now exceeds my previous year’s annual turnover! Fairy G, the immense gratitude I feel towards you cannot be expressed in words: you have transformed my perspective and consequently, my actions both personally and in business and the results have been phenomenal. I have learnt to fly and manifest with ease in a few short months. Thank you for sharing your magic with me!”

– Yolanda

Mari Lee has grown her business from a turnover of 1 million to 18 million in 5 years while making a massive impact.

“Working with the Fairy Godmother is the most fun way of achieving serious life goals and finding ease and balance in all areas of your life while doing it.

In the past 5 years of working with Donna I have achieved every goal I have set in my business plus better health and loads of fun experiences and travelling.

It is Pure Magic! ”

– Mari-Lee

Wanda has done his “inner work” and is manifesting with ease

“Working with Donna has pushed my boundaries, tested me and created profound growth.

My sense of connection to Source / The Divine and my place in the world has been amplified through doing Donna’s programs.

My key learning is that my outer world is a complete mirror of my inner world.  After doing the programs and having the shifts and working on my ‘inner world’ my ability to manifest what I want happens now with lightness and ease.”

–  Wanda Shuenyane

Marnita has found her purpose, left her corporate job and doubled her income! Wow!

“Working with the Fairy Godmother has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I have embraced every single FG offering and course and cannot recommend working with Donna highly enough.

Through the Dreams & Goals with Soul program I found my purpose and calling in life. I have left a corporate career in order to live that dream.

I have transformed my relationship with money via the Money Magic Program – from having sleepless nights over debt to being a money magnet who has more than doubled her income.

I have trained as a Dream Mapping workshop facilitator with the Fairy Godmother and now run my own transformational workshops.

My life truly is not the same since the magical day that I met Donna.  THANK YOU!”

– Marnita Opperman

Lourraine is present, relaxed and confident. Her authentic decision-making has become way easier!

“Working with Donna has been an enabler for me to be PRESENT in my life, focusing on how I FEEL in the things I do and the relationships I keep.  This makes decision-making way easier.

I have been able to walk away from people who are not part of my journey and my tomorrow. I have implemented clear plans for my career and business.

I feel confident and relaxed about the future.”

–  Lourraine Makwange

Fiona went from housewife to a woman on a mission, making a big difference for others.

“Working with the Fairy Godmother has been inspirational and life changing. I have dared to go after my dreams and I am a much happier person. I am now an International Ageless Grace Trainer and will be presenting at the conference in the USA this year.

I started an Educational trust for underprivileged tertiary students which has gone from strength to strength and is now part of a bigger organization called the Yes trust.”

– Fiona Furniss

Aneeka found her passions and is now following them.

“I’ve been working with Donna for a number of years and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

I have grown, started an NGO on the side and got the courage to leave my corporate job and follow my passions.

I highly recommend doing the Money Magic course. It has completely transformed my relationship and approach to how I manage my everyday decisions. Just do it!”

– Aneeka Moosa

Anna was stuck in survival-mode and feeling frugal and is now experiencing abundance and freedom.

“I’m so grateful to have a healthy relationship with money now.

I used to think it was the root of all evil and I was repelled by wealth and hence lived in survival mode, always feeling stressed, excluded, unable to do the things I wanted.

Since doing the Money Magic Program I now value myself, my time, my experience and my talents and I feel comfortable with being rewarded for them. I am also enjoying the freedom to choose how I live my life, to travel and the luxury of not having financial stress.

Most importantly I am taking GREAT pleasure in having the means to help and invest in other people and projects that I believe in from an empowered place of abundance.

Thank you Fairy Godmother!!! Mwaaah!!! XxX”

– Anna Shevel

Kat Ritschl has more Faith in her Relationships and her Finances

“Working with the Fairy G has been… plain Awesome. Donna is more than just a coach, she’s a true mentor.

I have found the guidance and support that I was looking for, as well as a magical toolkit that she empowered me to use in my life.

I now have more Faith and Trust in my Life and relationships, both financial and romantic, and Donna continues to inspire me to seek out my wildest dreams.”

– Kat Ritschl

If you’ve read this far, Thank you!

The people that I work with generally fall into 3 types.
And I’m wondering, which one are you?


There are times when you drive to work thinking:  “Is this it?  Is this really what Life is all about?”  If you were honest with yourself you’d admit that you’re stuck in a rut.

At times it feels okay. At other times it feels terrible.  There is a thought that keeps scratching through your mind that there is so much more that you could be doing, you just don’t know what that “something” is.

You’re not quite sure what your gifts or strengths or talents are that you can give to the world…

And even if you found that “something”, a number of fears begin to surface including how you’d pay the bills?

If this describes some or ALL of you, then WELCOME.  I am so looking forward to helping you and guiding you to get clarity on what it is that lights you up and how to make that happen in your life.

If that’s not you, please check out Type 2 and Type 3…


You are inspired and excited about life.  It feels like there is just so much to do and yet… You have a different idea every month (or every week) about “the THING” that‘s going be your Dream or Goal for the next little while.

And then just as you get started on ‘the thing’, another idea pops up.  You get confused and wonder: “Which should I be doing?  Maybe neither of them is right?”

The good news is that I have some magic tools in my Fairy Godmother toolkit to help you discern your Authentic Dreams & Goals from the distractions. How to choose and focus on the thing that is the juiciest without giving up the other ideas that spark you too!


You are clear on some Dreams & Goals that inspire and excite you and yet you’ve got stuck somewhere along the way in manifesting them.

There is a feeling of struggle or challenge and you’re not sure exactly what the block is?

And you wonder: “Is it fear?  Is it because the goal is wrong? Is it because it is not meant to be? Or are you doing something to stop this dream from manifesting?”

The one thing you know for sure is that you are on the right track and you are very ready to shift to the next level of your life.

The truth is that many people who have been teaching “manifesting” or “money” have given a very “one size fits all” version of how the process works.

Eg. Visualise, Believe it and it should Arrive – Ta-Daaaaaah!

I have a different view, that each of us is a multifaceted, unique being and we operate on 4 levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

And hence in my programs, I combine all of my magic tools and resources holistically so that you can learn and discern where your big shifting points are and apply the right tool to create the next level leap that you desire.

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