This Makes Me Mad….

Dopamine is a very, VERY powerful brain chemical that creates the feeling of euphoria and in the next few weeks, it could lead you into the dreaded Debt Spiral.

Dopamine is the “drug” that is released when we have excitement about and the anticipation of pleasure.  

When the excitement about a pleasurable event is coupled with a sense of scarcity around that event, dopamine production increases dramatically.

Example: “Sale on today only! Get it now before it runs out!”  

During the Black Friday Sales next week, retailers will hound you with marketing messages to increase your excitement, anticipation and the feeling of scarcity.

Let’s be real…

Most of the major retailers in your country, most of the major online shops are gearing up to get you into a dopamine frenzy.

During this Black Friday period, they will do their best to get you to buy loads of stuff you don’t need to boost their revenues.  

The result for you:    
You’ll get a Dopamine “hit” when you buy that “new, shiny thing” during these sales.  

You’ll have a debt hangover for months afterwards, which will cause you stress and anxiety in 2023.

I spend a lot of my year coaching and supporting my Money Magic students to get out of debt, start saving, learn to invest and move into ease and abundance with money.

This time of year, and the amount of debt it causes for people, makes me so angry I want to spit like a cobra.

That’s why I’m sharing these 3 Tips so that you don’t get Bamboozled by Black Friday!


Tip 1:    Keep yourself Away from Temptation

If you know you may be tempted during Black Friday, then keep yourself away from temptation.    

When you start a new, healthy, eating-plan, you don’t keep chocolate cake in the house. Why?  Because it’s temptation!

Here’s how to stay away from Black Friday Temptation….

1. Don’t open and read the emails  

They will have a subject line saying Black Friday or Sale or Special or Only Today – trying to lure you into that dopamine hit.    

If you don’t open the email, you won’t see that special offer or the crazy discount.  Your anticipation, excitement and scarcity won’t be triggered and you won’t go into debt.

2. Next Friday don’t go to a Shopping Mall

Next Friday stay at home or in your office – don’t go to a shopping mall.
You can’t go wild at a physical sale if you’re not there.

3.    Don’t go online

This is the same as going into a physical store.  
Make next Friday 25 November a “No Internet” day.


Tip 2:  FREEZE your Credit Card

This is not a metaphor.  This is literal.  Actually FREEZE your card.

This is one of the “get-out-of-the-debt-cycle” tricks I teach my students in my Money Magic program.    Take a look at this picture from one of my students…



How to do it – 

  • Get a tin and fill it with water. 
  • Place your credit card or credit cards into the tin.  Put the tin in your deep-freeze and you FREEZE your cards.  (The cards won’t get damaged.  My students have done this many times.)

This really works! 

If you get tempted during Black Friday you can’t just whip out your cards. 

The reason why I recommend a tin and not a glass or plastic container, is because you can’t microwave a tin to make it thaw faster 😉

Dopamine is a drug and when you are on it, you’ll be more crazy than a tik addict.  So at times like these, it may sound strange, but doing the “freezing cards trick” helps you save yourself from yourself.


Tip 3:  If you are going to buy something – ask yourself these 3 questions the day before

Question 1:  “Is this thing a need or a want?”

Eg. If your fridge has just stopped working then you do need a fridge.

However, that Flat Screen TV that is double the size of your current one is NOT a need it’s a want.  

Question 2:   “Am I going into debt to buy this?”

No?  Great, then buy it.
Yes? Don’t buy it.

Question 3:   “What is my budget?”

If there is something you really need.  What’s your budget?
And then stick to only buying that 1 item at the price you’ve decided upon.


I trust that these tips will help you during this Black Friday period.

Stay off the dopamine 😉
And don’t get into more debt!


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