Here’s a Meditation Gift for you

It’s to help you Ditch your Fear, Get Grounded and Create a Container for Material Prosperity.   

Download the 17 minute Guided Meditation to Balance your Root Chakra >> 

Balancing your Root Chakra through this meditation will help you feel grounded, stable and more “at home” in your body and on this Earthly plane.

Are you often in your head rather than in the present moment?

Whether it’s fearful thoughts racing…

… Or a gazillion ideas that fly around your mind begging for attention

… Or previous or future conversations you imagine having over and over again…

When you balance the Root Chakra, life seems to slow down. 

There is more spaciousness, more time, and more enjoyment of the here and now – whether it’s drinking a smoothie, playing with your kids or pottering around your house. 

You’ll feel way, way less (close to zero) fear and anxiety. 

A balanced Root Chakra helps you to feel great in your body with strength and vitality – you’re inspired to eat well, sleep well and move regularly.    

One of my students, Yumna, started using my Root Chakra Balancing Tools and lost 15 kg over the following few months.  

This Meditation is the beginning.   

A simple, first step for you to get started and feel the shifts.  

It’s only 17 minutes. Do it today.

You probably need it more than you even realise.

P.S. It’s okay if you fall asleep in the meditation or you kind-of mentally wander off. It doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.  

The words are going into your subconscious and working at a level even deeper than your subconscious mind.

How often should you do it?

You’re the BEST healer for you.  
Tap into your intuition and follow your inner guidance.  

Some of my students do this meditation weekly or twice weekly. Others do it once a month, others when they feel they need it.    

Once you’ve done the meditation, it’s a tool in your Abundance Toolkit to use whenever you dip back into feelings of fear or scarcity.

P.P.S  I’d LOVE to hear your experience with the meditation, so after you’ve done it, please post a comment to any of my blogs and share how it was for you.


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