Setting Intention (then forgetting about it) is POWERFUL!

One of my students on my Vision 2022 MasterMind posted this last week:


WOW, I love this!!    I love it when dreams come true so quickly and easily. 

Getting clear about an intention and declaring it through writing it or speaking it and then FORGETTING about it is powerful because it activates the two things needed for magical manifestation.

1. Setting the intention is the “Asking for what you want.”


2. The FORGETTING – “Is the Letting Go of the attachment to outcome or the “how it’s going to happen.” 

So here’s a Quick Magical Intention Setting Exercise for you to do today: 

  • Chose one or two intentions.
  • Open your diary now and randomly select a date for each.
  • Write them in the present tense as if they’ve already happened.

 Here are some Examples to get your inspiration flowing: 

 I’m fitting into my size 12 new dress and looking great. 

 I’m super excited to have a lovely date with a fascinating man. 

 I love working on this exciting project with a new client who is paying me so well. 

I having a fabulous overseas holiday.

Or like my Mastermind student did:
I’m starting an awesome new job.

Whatever it is you want, write it on a random date in your diary and then FORGET about it. 

When it comes true, please let me know.  

I’m always in AWE of how these simple, magical manifesting practices are so effective.  



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