A Guided Meditation for Releasing Fear

The foundational magic tool I’ve used for over a decade to stay grounded, centred and at ease amid uncertainty is Meditation.

Now, more than ever – if you experience some fears surfacing, or you get unbalanced, or if any uncertainty about the future causes you to feel wobbly – is the time to meditate.

Here’s another Guided Meditation for you.
(I emailed you one last week too, in case you missed it!)

Release your Fears Meditation – 

Download it Here >

At times, your fear can overpower you and make you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted.   Through this Meditation, you’ll be guided to identify and release your fear, with a robust process for letting it go.

If you’ve never meditated before all you need to do is lie down or sit down in a comfortable, quiet space and listen.  And if you’re a seasoned meditator, you’ll enjoy them too.

If you fall asleep or drift off during the Meditation – you aren’t doing it wrong – it’s still going into your subconscious and working.  I promise. 



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