Overwhelm? Indecision? Procrastination?

You know that fuzzy brain feeling when you’re confused?

Or have you recently experienced a rising cloud of overwhelm that threatens to engulf you?

Or do you find yourself unable to sit down and take action on what you want to do?

Last week I was being coached by my new business coach and we did a quick exercise that in 5 minutes, chased away those murky clouds of overwhelm, and my mind became clear. 

And this week, I’m feeling light, bright and back in my superpowers of Inspiration, Clarity and Magic.

It’s made such a difference for me that I wanted to share it with you immediately.  
It’s a quick exercise for you to do in 5 minutes.


It’s called Closing Your Decision Loops. 

Step 1: 
Write a list of all the “Open” decisions in your life.  i.e. all the things that you haven’t yet decided on.  

Write down your unmade decisions in all areas of your life – family, work, home, money, dreams & goals, health, friends, travel etc. 


Your brain wastes a massive amount of energy thinking about things until you’ve committed to a decision.  

Once a decision has been made (it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong), your brain can stop thinking about it.   
This opens up space and relaxation in your mind. 

I was gobsmacked as I did this exercise because I wrote two pages of “undecided” or “Open Decision Loops”.    

I’m usually super decisive, but I think the combination of being a new-ish Mom, moving countries last year, and the general Covid uncertainty of the previous couple of years all combined to create a kind of “pile-up” of undecided decisions.  

I’ve never had so many “undecided” things going on in my life; no wonder I was feeling overwhelmed!

Step 2:
Go through your list and now decide on each thing.  

In other words, close the decision loop so that your brain stops wasting energy on it.

The decision can be yes, or no or you can even say, “I’ll decide on this in a year (or in a month)”.

And just like that, this 5-minute exercise will create space, peace and relaxation in your body-mind-soul system.

Try it now!

Please comment below and let me know how this works for you because I always love to hear from you. 



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