It’s like an Onion…

Personal Development.
Your Journey.
Spiritual Awakening.
Living your Best Life.

Whatever you wish to call it… it’s like an Onion.

There are many layers and after you peel back one layer and think “Awesome! I’ve got it!  I’ve had the breakthrough!” a few days, weeks or months later there is another challenge that calls you to learn, grow and expand again.

In 2017 I thought I was the “shizz-ness” – I felt centred, grounded and abundant. My business was flying. My relationship was deep and sweet. I had fun travels. I spent delicious time with friends.  I surfed a lot.

I thought to myself “Wow!  The years of personal development work, the yoga, meditating, and spiritual awakening, it’s all paid off! I’ve SO got this!”

And then 2018 arrived in a thunderclap of big, life-lessons to show me I still have so much to learn.   It humbled me.

And in that humbled state in 2019, I re-set intentions, revised the Dreams & Goals for my life so that they were more in line with my Soul’s Authentic desires.  I got coaching, I worked with my kinesiologist, I had regular bodywork and continued to meditate, yoga and “do the work”. 

And 2019 and 2020 were two fabulous personal years.  I naturally conceived and birthed my son at 44; we lived in a fabulous quirky, country house; my business thrived… and guess what?    Again I fell into trap of thinking – “Ah, I’ve got it… I’ve hit the sweet spot and it’s going to continue forever”

And then CLUNK… 2021 challenged the hell out of me on all levels. 

After doing over 23 years of my own personal development and working with students for 16 years on their dreams, goals, money, flow, finances, spirituality and abundance, I’ve realised that “the next level of stuff” to work on or work through doesn’t ever stop, it’s all part of the journey…

However, what does happen is that your tools and skills around awareness of the issues, compassion for self and how to work through your own internal resistance increase and improve exponentially over time.

It becomes quicker and easier to work through the “stuff”, the “shadow” and the “breakdown” and pop out the other side into the breakthrough, awareness and wisdom.

It’s a constant process of peeling back the layers.  

Like an onion – your personal development may make you cry at times but it is the best foundation for creating a life that you truly, truly love.


Get supported – friends, family and good people. This is not a journey to do alone.

Choose the guides and mentors and teachers that FEEL right for this stage of your journey.

Learn how to breathe.  (It may sound silly but it is my most powerful tool and the only thing in the world that you can control.)

Take time to look after your own wellbeing – body, mind and soul.


Be super kind and gentle with yourself – you are a child of the Universe who is learning to dance in your full magnificence in this topsy-turvey, often-confusing world of polarity.

You are never going to be perfect…
You’re not going to get it right all of the time…  

So, let that shit go – it’s really debilitating and causes you way more anxiety and angst in the process than you need.


Simply be present to the pure enjoyment (and sometimes excruciating pain) of being on this incredible journey of growth, development and expansion.

Keep going… you’re doing WAY better than you can even imagine!




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