Are you living in the Shadow of Money or the Light?

The Money Shadow 

  • Stress and Fear – “I worry about money a lot.  Will I be okay?  Will it ever start to work out? Will I be able to retire? Will my kids have to look after me?”
  • Guilt – “How can I have money when so many others don’t?”
  • Shame – “I have no idea how money works, I feel stupid. Everyone else seems to know?”
  • Embarrassment – “I earn good money, why can’t I seem to make ends meet?”
  • Struggle – “Why do I have to work so hard and still don’t seem to make it work?”
  • Scarcity – “There isn’t enough.”
  • Anger and Frustration – “I wish money didn’t exist! I hate it.”


Any of this Sound Familiar?   

You’re not alone!  Many people are in the murky, muddy, shadow of money and have no idea how to get out.     

You can probably feel the possibility and potential of the Money Light experience.  (It may even be something you are longing for.)

The Money Light

  • Ease – “Even though my money situation may not be ideal, it’s okay and I’m committed to learning about money to improve it.”
  • Enthusiasm – “Wow! I love learning about money and making money work for me. This is actually way easier and more fun than I expected.”
  • Inspiration – “I am so inspired about what money can create in my life and how it can amplify my gifts in the world.”
  • Love – “I love my life.  And I’m so delighted I am moving into more and more freedom of choice as I grow my physical, emotional and spiritual wealth.”
  • Gratitude – “Thank you for all the abundance in my life. I am blessed.”
  • Abundance – “I have deep faith and trust in money and the abundance of life, all my needs and desires are always taken care of.” 

The Money Magic 9 Week Program is now open for Enrollment >> 

I only run this program twice a year and it is designed to move you from the Money Shadow into the Money Light. 

This is a holistic program and is designed to work at 4 Levels – 

Physical  – the actual, practical, money workings – getting out of debt, budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, talking to your partner about money, the rules of money + much more… 

Mental – shifting through your Money Blocks and self-sabotage with money.

Emotional – how to transform your fear and struggle into feelings of ease and peace.  How to feel inspired, enthusiastic and grateful about money and wealth.

Spiritual – how to shift your vibration and resonance from scarcity into abundance.  (We do lots of meditations for this!) 

All the information about the program here >> 

I have met many “physically wealthy” people who are emotionally and spiritually poor. That isn’t abundance!

That is simply wallpapering over scarcity with money to try and feel better.  

True wealth is when you feel abundant. When you are in deep faith and trust with life supporting you and you also have the resources easily flowing into your life to match your desires. 

The Money Magic Program starts THIS Tuesday 5th April and you have until the end of Tuesday to register.

If you want to move from the Money Shadow into the Money Light, please take 10 minutes to read about the program now and to feel into whether it’s a YES for you.

Read about the Money Magic Program here >> 

I have been fortunate and blessed to have guided over 1800 people through this money magic process since 2011 and it will be my privilege to guide you too.




P.S. Of course I think the program is great… I facilitate it 🙂  But the proof is ALWAYS in the RESULTS of the people who have done it…

Watch and Read what they say here >>





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