I’ve made $1 Million from Bitcoin

After a fun wedding celebration, the following morning, I was sitting in the plush breakfast room of the hotel. I was munching on my muesli and at the table right next to me, a dear friend – Simon – leaned closer and said:

“Hey D, I know you’re into money and teaching people about it. Have you heard about Bitcoin?”

It was March 2013, and Simon (who is a fascinating mix of tech-boffin-pioneer and spiritual-guru) chattered excitedly, explaining Bitcoin to me.

He told me that Bitcoin was digital currency and was about $25 per unit and vigorously and enthusiastically suggested I buy some.

And so I bought 20 and now, well – it’s $1 million or close to it. 







The story above is 100% true except for the last sentence. 

I did NOT buy 20 Bitcoin in 2013.

Do I wish I had? For sure!

Do I understand why I didn’t?   

As Simon explained it to me, it sounded a bit outlandish. 

He also mentioned Bitcoin was anonymous and used on the dark web. That was more than enough to make me sceptical and keep me away. 

I’ve been teaching my Money Magic Program for more than a decade – long enough to know that there’s a “get rich quick button” that can easily be pushed in all of our psyches.    

We all wish and hope to move into riches and wealth quickly, easily and effortlessly. 

But what I know for sure is that wishing and hoping is NOT a plan or a strategy.

As I see it, there are three options when it comes to your Money and Finances. 

Option 1 – The Do Nothing and Hope strategy

This is where most people find themselves. You let life take its course and see where you land.

You hope that you may chance upon something (like Bitcoin in 2013) that will dramatically shift your wealth. 

This may seem like the “easiest” choice and maybe it will be okay BUT do you really want to leave something as important as your financial future to fate?

Option 2 – Do it on my Own

There are plenty of resources out there to help you sort your finances out.
You can figure out your own system and hope that it works.  

The question is:
Do you really have the time to figure out a system that works?

Can you afford the cost in time and money of a “trial and error” approach?

And will you actually take the time to do it and see it through?

Option 3 – Follow my Money Magic process 

The 9 Week Money Magic Program will ensure you don’t lose any more time, energy and money “drifting”.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a money plan in place and know exactly what to do to: 


🌟 💵  Release your negative beliefs, blocks and fears about money that are holding you back.

🌟 💵  Break free of consumer debt and get out of the debt mindset that keeps you falling back into the debt trap. (You’ll have a clear plan on how to do this)

🌟 💵  Feel in Control of where your money is going and what it is doing

🌟 💵  Have a quick and straightforward money management system that will meet your needs and the needs of your family
🌟 💵  Invest with confidence and Make your Money Work for You
🌟 💵  Work with the 9 Rules of money and the 4 key aspects to attract more money to you
🌟 💵  Feel Confident and at Ease with your Money Plan
🌟 💵  Be empowered with the right questions when speaking to financial advisors, your bank, credit card companies, home loan or even your spouse.
🌟 💵  Get crystal clear on the dreams, goals and Financial Destiny you wish to create for yourself and your family.

🌟 💵   Feel secure about your Financial Future

+ much, much more…





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You’ll get my LIVE Coaching and Guidance over 9 weeks to help you. 

Plus you’ll have lifetime access to a community of hundreds of people who, like you, are implementing their money plans.  

They’ll encourage you and keep you inspired to stick to yours, long after the program is finished. 

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Together, let’s get your money and your finances working for you to shift out of “stress”, “hope” and “wishing” into confidence and certainty. 


P.S. If you’re wondering – I may not have bought Bitcoin in 2013, but I have been building my wealth using other assets.

I have become crypto-curious since 2018. I do now own Bitcoin as part of my overall investment portfolio.

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