A more Pleasurable Life… Right Now…


As I’m typing this,  I’ve allowed myself to become HYPER AWARE of my 5 senses in this present moment – sight, hearing, taste, smell and feelings.

I notice the sensation of my fingers tapping the keyboard and how delightful that feels on my fingertips.  

How the sound of the tapping on my keyboard is like raindrops. There is an echoing sound of people chatting in the room next to me. 

I feel a breeze of the wind on my shoulders and can hear it rustling leaves.  I smell the pungent aroma of autumn leaves decaying in the garden.  And I’m tasting the hint of a rooibos tea I enjoyed a few minutes ago. 

I’m having a deeply pleasurable, sensual experience all while typing this. 

That’s what SENSUALITY actually is.
It’s the Pleasure of being in a body and experiencing the world through your 5 senses – moment-by-moment.

Yet, I often spend so much time in my Mind and my Thoughts that I miss out on so much simple pleasure in my life.  

Being AWARE of my senses and my sensuality is a very important daily practice for me because it makes my life rich and full.  
And I have to constantly REMIND myself to do it.

The wonderful thing about having a toddler in the house is that he is in such pleasure and delight in his senses that he is a great reminder for me. 

So much of our lives we spend dreaming about Peak Experiences that we wish to create or manifest.  (Having Dreams & Goals is Important – It’s Mind-Expanding and Life-Enriching.)

When you combine:
an Inspiring Vision for the Future + Sensual Pleasure in the Moment
– Wham… it’s a Power Combo for a satisfying life

I’ll be sharing another Power Combo with you in an email next week.

Don’t WAIT for a designated holiday time before you can experience pleasure – get into your senses and experience it as much as possible NOW!  

How to start?   Allow yourself to NOTICE each sense, one-by-one.  Try it now

The reason why sensuality is so often confused with sexuality is because many people only allow themselves to open to the pleasure of the 5 senses during sex.   

What you’ll find is that as you open to your 5 senses during everyday life – the living of your life becomes orgasmic.   
Go on, try it! 
I dare you 😉  

Comment below and let me know how it goes.



P.S.  I write these about what may seem like a variety of different subjects – like Money or Dreams & Goals or Abundance or Investing or I send Guided Meditations or talk about Overwhelm or sometimes even more woo-woo concepts.

Or even like today, talking about SENSUALITY and living an orgasmic life

If it appears random, it isn’t – it’s all based on what I teach and what I’m learning.  (For Example – we explore Sensuality and the Sacral Chakra for a full 4 weeks on my 7 Levels of Abundance Program.)

I teach and guide students around the world to live their most inspiring, abundant and satisfying lives and I know for sure when you work holistically – body-mind-soul – then big things shift in your life.  

And that’s why I send these weekly emails to be a CATALYST and to SPARK you at different levels – body, mind and soul.

If you feel ready to work personally with me,  here are some of the things that are coming up…

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