How you know when your Dreams and Goals are in Trouble…

“I’m an optimist but I’m also realistic,” he said.
And in that moment I knew his dreams and goals were in trouble and about to be stillborn.

Here’s an example:

You dream of having that abundant life – the house you want, your dream car, the luxurious clothes, the work you love doing, the holidays away. As you daydream about it, it feels good.  Mmmmmmm…. 😆💫✨

Yet when you stand at the ATM and look at your current bank balance (Your current “Reality”),  it shoots you from your euphoric, daydream into a world of worry and lack quicker than you can say abracadabra. 😰

(BTW “Abracadabra” is a very important concept in manifesting and creating what you want… More on that in a future email…)

In this example:
Imagination, Day-dream, Your Desires and Potential = Feels Good
Reality = Feels Bad

And you can’t manifest the life you dream of from a place of feeling bad.

REALITY is a Trap!

Reality is the serial killer of dreams and your wildest imaginings.  
It is the murderer of possibility.
It assassinates your potential.

No one has ever created big dreams or their best life out of being realistic.

In fact exactly the opposite, you have to be UNREALISTIC to have your dreams come true.

You have to immerse yourself in the realm of possibility to be creative and create a life you truly want.


  • The earth being flat was once “realistic”. (If you had said otherwise your head would have been chopped off.)
  • Flying in a mechanical contraption above the earth was once considered unrealistic.
  • The reality of women having the vote (or any power) was highly improbable for millennia.

Only a few years ago a colony on Mars was considered unrealistic.  Elon Musk has DREAMED it and been “completely unrealistic” and suddenly it is looking very, very probable and possible. 

How does that work?

Dreams are BIRTHED from the unrealistic – from possibility and potential.

Trying to birth a dream from reality – creates stillborn goals.

These have no momentum, no juice, no life. (Which is why so many people give up on creating new dreams and goals, because so many of their dreams are “stillborn”).

Dreams are pulled through the “birth canal” from the unseen, unknown, mysterious place of the unmanifest simply by your focus, attention, desire and feeling “good” about this goal even though it is not yet in your life.  (It isn’t present in your reality.)

Some call this faith and trust.  Some call it being in alignment.

Through this process – sometimes slowly and sometimes in the blink of an eye – your big dreams will manifest.  

As the goal starts to manifest, you live it and experience it with your 5 physical senses.  Voila! The goal becomes your current reality.     

Then it is time to reach again into the “unmanifest” – into possibility and potential – to imagine and create the next dream or goal.

Thus the cycle of creating your best, juiciest, most succulent life emerges and evolves.

As the dream comes through the “birth canal” if you focus on reality instead of the dream, that’s when the birth becomes very tricky. Full of struggle and pain. 

(More on why Reality is the worst measure of your dreams and goals coming true in an email and blog early next week…)

So the next time someone says to you that your dreams or goals are unrealistic, give them a wink, a smile and say “Thank you”. 

That’s a sure sign you are doing your dreams and goals right. 😉




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