The FUEL for Making your Dreams come True

Whether it’s carrying around a Gratitude Rock, Writing a Daily Gratitude list or thinking about what you’re grateful for while you brush your teeth in the morning – it really works.

Gratitude has a very high energetic frequency and thus the ability to create “high vibes” fast.

It’s an effective tool for converting terror into relaxation, depression into joy.

Simply put – Gratitude makes you feel good. 
AND it’s the fuel for making your Dreams come true!

This is why I said “Yes, Yes, Yes!” when one of my students, Jess Porter asked me if I’d like to be interviewed on her Podcast called “The List”.

It’s a Gratitude List – but podcast style.  We go back and forth about a few things we’re currently grateful for and the deeper reasons why.   And when you listen it’ll make you feel good. 😄

Jess is hilarious – she’s a multi-passionate person a writer, hypnotherapist and stand-up comic.  You’ll love her!

Listen to the 29-minute Podcast Now >>

Also on Spotify (search > Jess Porter the List) and Apple Podcast.


Love, Wishes and Magic
aka Your Fairy Godmother

P.S. “Where in the world are you and why?” – I’ve received many questions in the past couple of months.

If you want to know the answer, I cover it in-depth in this podcast interview.

Take a Listen



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