A Personal Money Confession

In my online Money Programs (Money Magic for Personal Finances and Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs for business Finances), I often use the Analogy of “Your Money Garden.”

I teach that when you start your Money learning with me, you’ll probably have a money garden that looks like this:

In other words, it’s full of “weeds”.  Those weeds were disempowering money beliefs, bad money habits and negative emotions (stress, fear and anxiety) about money. 

And the Programs gives you the tools you need to “de-weed”, till the soil, plant new seeds, and learn how to tend the garden so that it looks like this in a few years.

An abundant, thriving, bountiful Money Garden is what you’ll learn to create for your personal life, business, or both.

Now I have a confession to make…  

In real life, I have never actually “weeded” a garden before 😳 until this past weekend.

On Sunday, the weeds in our tiny courtyard finally “got to me”, and so I put on a pair of gardening gloves, got onto my haunches and started to pull.

As I got into it, I found it deeply satisfying, meditative and I kept thinking of the “Money weeds analogy”.

Here’s what I noticed with weeds and the Lessons for your Money:

Some weeds were easy to pull out by the roots, and others were very hard. I didn’t get the root system out with many weeds, and I know they’ll grow back.

Lesson: Some of your disempowering money beliefs and bad habits will be easy to de-weed.
Some you’ll shift temporarily shifted, but you won’t get them out by the roots and so they’ll probably grow back.   

This is why it’s so important to know how to have the awareness, tools and habits to shift them when you see them growing again.

Tools: Af-formations, Busting Beliefs Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Habits: Money Diary, Demolishing your Debt practices, Monthly Saving, Increasing your Savings, your Monthly Money Date (budgeting), Speaking to your Spouse about money, your Investment Strategy.

And for Business Working with your Bookkeeper and Accountant, monitoring cashflow, pricing your products or services, increasing your profitability.
(Plus many others in the Programs)


The longer I weeded, the better I got.
 And my technique improved.

By the end, I’d found a spiral technique that seemed to work way better than simply yanking the plants.

Lesson: In your Money Journey, the more you practice and the longer you’re at it, the better you’ll get with the tools and techniques.  

It’ll become easier and easier to get back into good money habits when you notice you’ve stopped them. It will become simpler to spot and eradicate limiting beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck.   


It was deeply satisfying.

As I saw the results and allowed myself to enjoy the process, it was deeply satisfying.

Lesson: Even though right now money may be a source of stress for you – when you know the techniques of how to work correctly with money – Your Money Journey can be a gratifying and deeply satisfying process.

The more you learn and do it, the more results you experience and the more enjoyable it gets.  

And on my programs there are Online communities that you get lifetime access to, so that you can keep tapping into the learning, ask your questions, feel like you are not alone, share your results and get inspired by others.  


There was some REAL Money Magic, which inspired me to write this email.

Check this out. As I pulled out a weed, I noticed something on the ground that wasn’t a stone.   What was it? 

A 1 Euro cent coin, of course! 

Very calcified and not looking its best, but there it was: 
A clear message from my partner Money about how magical and abundant it is. 

Lesson: Money Magic is REAL when you know how to tap into it.  It’s why one of my programs is called MONEY magic.

So if you know you have weeds in your Money Garden, here’s the Good News:

I’ll be running a LIVE 9-week Money Magic Program again soon – starting on Tuesday 7th September.


I’ll be running a LIVE 7-week Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs Program – starting on Tuesday 5th October.

AND Here’s FREE Video Training for you to get you started with your “de-weeding” (4 x Free videos of about 20 minutes each).

In this training you’ll:

💵💫  Learn the 6 Effective Steps to Shift your Finances
💵💫  Discover your Big, Money Blocks and a powerful exercise to release them
💵💫  Understand the Money Blueprint that maps the steps for you to take

Plus much, more…

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