A Gift – 3 Guided Meditations

From an email that hit my inbox last week:

“Hi Donna

Thank you for the BREATHE reminder!
I think we all really need this now – it’s been overwhelming lately.

But where to after breathing?” 

As an answer to that question, I send you these 3 Guided Mediations as a gift. Their names say it all:

Release your Fear Meditation – 16 minutes – Download Here

Connect to Faith Meditation – 11 minutes – Download Here

Finding your Peace Within Meditation (quick- only 8 Minutes) – Download Here

If you’re on a phone they should download automatically, if you are on a Computer you may need to Right Click and “Save As” for the actual file to download.

Please use these meditations as often as you need them and feel free to hit forward and send them on to loved ones in your life.



P.S. It’s okay if you fall asleep in the meditation or you kind-of mentally wander off.  It doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.   The words are going into your subconscious anyway and they are working at a level even deeper than your conscious mind.



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