Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck

Last week I shared with you the first 3 steps to shift out of being stuck…

They were…

Step 1  Become Aware that you are Stuck (and in a negative space)

Step 2 – Be Kind and Gentle with yourself

Step 3 – MOVE – Get the emotion out

If you missed the email and the 3 tips, READ the first 3 steps here >>

I also promised a further 3 ‘un-sticking’ steps and here they are… 🙂

4.    Take a break and do something you love

If there is a specific thing that you’re doing or are engaged in that is creating “stuckness”, stop doing it and take a break.

Ideally, do something that you love…

Listen to a piece of music that lights you up; go for a walk around the block and watch the clouds drift past; make yourself a delicious smoothie; tell someone a joke…

Whatever it is that can shift you back into the experience of relaxation, ease or even bliss and fun.    Do that.


5.    Phone a friend

Talking to someone about your issue helps to get it out of your system.  

One of the techniques that I find incredibly useful is the bucket technique or ‘bucketing’.

‘Bucketing’ is a very good technique for vomiting up all the negative emotions that may be circling around your mind and your body.  

During the bucketing process, one person imagines “holding the bucket” and the other person gets to “puke into the bucket” all of their concerns, frustrations, irritations, negativity etc.   

Once they are finished the person holding the bucket imagines throwing the bucket away.  

The person holding the bucket doesn’t commiserate or try to solve problems they simply hold the bucket so that the other person can vomit out the negativity.   

The holder of the bucket listens and says “Mmmm and ah” and makes no other comments.

No judging. No fixing. No solving. Just listening, listening, listening.

The beautiful thing about the bucketing process is that it really allows the space to get all that negativity out with no judgment and no trying to find solutions.  

In many situations, the solution to the problem is often in verbalizing and getting the problem out into the open and once that happens, it often doesn’t even need to be solved.  

The bucket process is cathartic and should be done on a regular basis.  

It really does make you feel better.

6.    Borrow their belief

If you are in severe doubt and inner criticism and are losing sight of your dream, it’s time to call one of your “supporting cast members”; this is someone who believes firmly in your dream and goal and who you will be able to lean on for belief.  

Do you have such a person?

Yes? Great!
No? Then you need to find someone who can be the champion for your dreams and your extraordinary potential and ask them to be that person.

I had many instances – particularly in my first 7 years of being a Fairy Godmother – where I wavered in my dreams and became caught up in fear and doubt.

During these times I called on the support of friends who re-iterated to me how powerful my dream is.

They were able to talk to me about the successes and miracles that had been happening.   

They helped me see that one small negative patch was not a good enough reason for me to give up when so many other incredible things were happening.    

Often, when you are in the sea of negativity, you can’t remember the amazing things and so you need to rely on your supporting cast to remember for you.

If you don’t have supporters in your life, please create them.   They are key to your success and getting unstuck.

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