Initially it feels weird but it frikken’ works…

What do you think it is? 

Celebrating Yourself!

Having mini-Celebrations for everything that you work on or try.  Every small action you take or mini-goal you reach.

It could be as simple as patting yourself on the back.  
Or shouting: “Yippppeeeee!” out loud.  
You may want to get up and do a little ‘celebration dance’ or treat yourself to something like a luxurious bubble bath.

It may feel a little silly – that’s okay.

Celebration of small steps and micro-movements towards your dreams and goals is a HUGE part of having them manifest easily and enjoying the journey while they do.

If you’ve ever done an online program with me, you’ll know that I encourage you to celebrate EVERYTHING!  

Listen to an Audio – Celebrate. Feedback on our Community – Celebrate. Listen to a Guided Meditation – Celebrate. Do one of the exercises – Celebrate.  

Initially, many of my students find it challenging and a bit weird to celebrate small wins. Most people only celebrate the pinnacles of success, yet we don’t ever seem to reach them and thus have very few celebration moments.

Celebration, appreciating and acknowledging yourself in this way isn’t simply a ra-ra thing to do; on a physical level, every mini-celebration triggers dopamine – which is the feel-good and achievement hormone.

Higher dopamine levels in your body increase your alertness, focus, creativity, long-term memory and concentration.

Dopamine is the motivation molecule that drives you to seek rewards in achieving goals and enables you to take the effort it requires to be successful.

Here’s the 3 step Celebration trick:  

1. Whatever you’re working on – break the action down into mini-actions.

2. Decide ahead of time what your celebration or reward to yourself will be once you’ve done it.

3. Do the mini-action and then celebrate.

Keep Repeating. Watch how your inspiration and enthusiasm grows, and your results improve!

Now, as I’ve finished writing this, I’m off to celebrate with a cup of tea and cuddling my little boy.



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