Unexpected Surprises + some Podcast Listening for your Holidays

“Unexpected Surprises

That’s the title I would give to 2020.     

Surprise! It’s Covid-19

Surprise…  Having a sick and crying baba in the first 8 weeks of being a new Mom.

Surprise…  Geoff’s work disappears and he becomes a stay-at-home Dad.

Surprise…  Living in the country on 1 hectare is perfect during a lockdown.

Surprise…  Geoff and I had to really work on our relationship.

Surprise… My business thrives and flourishes when I only work half days!

It is easy to look back and paint a year gone by in a monochromatic colour of either “good” or “bad”, however every year is filled with polarity, subtlety, nuance and lessons.

This December I’m focusing on my celebrations, my thriving, my abundance and the Unexpected Surprises from the year gone by that have lead to growth, connection and deep gratitude.

What is your Title for 2020?

As you kick back and relax over this holiday time I wish you a time of reflection, re-inspiration and fun.  

Thank you for being part of my Unexpected Surprise year. I really appreciate you.

Plus if you want some inspiration while you’re travelling – I’ve recently been interviewed on 3 PodCasts…   Take a listen!  (You’ll find them below 👇👇)

Wishing you very Happy Holidays.

Love, Wishes and Magic
aka Your Fairy Godmother

P.S.  Here are those 3 podcasts for your travelling inspiration:

The Sacred Feminine Power Podcast by Emmi Mutale

In this conversation, we flow from the beauty of being embodied and experiencing the five senses through the body, to the masculine and feminine energies of money, spirituality and the debilitating impact of scarcity mindset as well as our power to create the kind of lives we are dreaming of. Wow!

Donna shares beautifully about how leading her life and businesses from predominantly masculine energy led to three burnouts and a wake-up call about the importance of inviting and bringing in more feminine energy.

Listen on Spotify >>

Listen on Google >>


I Work for Me PodCast by Melina Lewis

In this interview, we unpack Donna’s personal journey as an entrepreneur.  Donna found her purpose but had NO idea how she was going to turn it into a business or reality.  15 years later, and she uses her magic and business to transform thousands of people’s lives.

In this chat, we talk about money (ooooooo!), missiles and abundance.

Definitely grab that cuppa and listen in if you want to shift your perspective and open your mind to possibility.

Watch on Youtube >>


Listen on Spotify >>

Listen on Google >>



Divorce, Money, Emotions & Me interview series with Tiffany Stone

Whether we like it or not, money is a common point of tension in relationships and particularly around divorce.

During this interview, we engaged with Donna McCallum, about developing a conscious relationship with money. Donna shares with us her step-by-step guide and questions to ask yourself about how to become aware of your current relationship to money and how to build this relationship to one of trust and flow.

We explore the 5 love languages and how we can apply them to our relationship with this energy.

Watch the interview here >>


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