MANIFESTING. Are you Asking or Receiving?

There are 3 Steps to Manifesting and actualizing your Dreams and Goals.

Step 1: Asking and Allowing

In this step, you get clarity on what you really want in your life.
You ASK for it, and then you open up to allowing it to flow into your life.


Step 2: Receive “Answers”

In this step Life/ The Universe/ The Divine will send you “answers” to what you are asking for.

I like to think of them as “breadcrumbs” which, when you follow them step-by-step, will lead you to your desired results.   

Although at the time the “how” is not always very obvious.

Life sends answers in 2 ways:

1. People, opportunities and things
2. Inspired Thought


Step 3: Take INSPIRED Action

This is when you take action on the answer received. 

It is called INSPIRED action because you are taking action in line with “an answer” from the Universe rather than action for action sake. 

Repeat Step 2 and 3 over and over while enjoying the journey of your dreams coming true.


Recently in my Vision2020 Mastermind Group, I was coaching one of my students who has been stuck in the Asking Step of Manifesting because she keeps trying to refine her Goals. 

This is a place that many people get stuck in the manifesting process.   

Watch this 2-minute video, to help you understand the difference between the energy of Asking vs the energy of Receiving.


Wishing you Ease in your Asking, Allowing and Receiving as you manifest your best, most delicious life!


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