Toxic Energy in your environment? Use the DISCO BALL 😉

The Disco Ball is one of my favourite tools.  

It’s simple and quick for creating energetic protection from toxic people, energy or environments.

Think about an 80’s style Disco Ball – with all those little mirrors on the outside.

Now Imagine:

You’re INSIDE the Disco Ball.  And you can furnish the inside in whatever plush, soft, luxurious way feels good to you.  
Imagine it.    

In my imagination I’ve pimped up the inside of my Disco Ball with a fluffy cerise couch – that I can sink into – lavish rugs, soothing music and vanilla incense burning.

The Disco Ball mirrors are on the outside, acting as an energetic shield.
Thus any negative energy coming at you from the outside world bounces against the mirrors and ricochets off.  
It doesn’t penetrate and permeate your energy.

It’s fast. It’s simple. You can do it in 30 seconds.
It’s a great way to protect your own energy from getting drained or discombobulated.

Your colleagues are gossiping, and you don’t want any part of it.  
Disco Ball.

Your spouse is avidly watching the news, and you don’t want that negative mind-junk in your space.
Disco Ball.

You’re about to walk into an environment that feels negative.
Close your eyes and Activate that Disco Ball.

Your boss is stressed out and anxious, and you don’t want his stress to spiral into your life.
Disco Ball.

There’ve definitely been some strange and undesirable energies swirling around in 2020.
So, use the Disco Ball.  
Pop me a comment to this blog and let me know how it goes.



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