Crazy World Events + Staying Centered


The Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times…”

2020 – Interesting times.
The past decade – Interesting times. 
No matter where in the world you are… whether it’s Covid, Brexit, US Elections or Land Expropriation.  

As external events and the circumstances get more and more “interesting” and rollercoaster-ish, I ask myself:

“What can I do to stay centered, grounded, connected to love and feeling abundant?”

And the answer is:  

Build Internal Resilience


1. Kindness and gentleness (Non-Violence)

2. Being at Ease


3. Keep choosing Love over Fear.

1. Kindness and Gentleness  (Non-Violence)

Start with non-violence to yourself.  Which means:  Look after yourself.   

Look after yourself physically – go for walks, eat well, sleep, rest, meditate, get into the healing power of nature.

Look after your relationships – with your family, friends, colleagues, community.

Look after yourself financially – consolidate your financial affairs so that you build up some resilience.

Look after yourself mentally – which may mean disconnecting from all media sources.   The media is like junk-food for the mind.  

It can be a fear-laced poison that keeps you frozen or ignites feelings of separation, judgement and violence towards yourself and others.

Look after yourself spiritually – whatever “connecting to spirit” means for you – do that. Often.

Be as kind and gentle with yourself as possible.  

Shift your “internal speaking to yourself” to that of speaking to a 5 year-old, vulnerable child.

We can not hope for a shift in the “violence” of racism, sexism, and all the other –isms that separate us if we do not first undertake kindness and gentleness with self and heal the schism in self.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I give my gift of the “Peace Within Meditation” because at times like these, only when you cultivate peace within can you expect peace externally.

Download the Peace Within Meditation here >>

2.  Being at Ease

Move out of the fear-induce struggle-paradigm and get “okay” with what is.

In my all of my Programs – Dreams & Goals with Soul, The Gem, Money Magic, Out of Fear into Fab, Vision2020, 7 Levels of Abundance etc. etc., I teach a very simple, yet powerful mantra:

“Even though this situation is not ideal, in this moment it’s okay and in this moment I’m okay”

Breathe…  Repeat Mantra… Breathe… Repeat Mantra.


3. Keep choosing Love over Fear

Before you take any action, say anything or post anything on social media, ask yourself:

“What would LOVE do here?”

If you can’t take an action from a place of “love” then don’t do it!

And if you are in the grip of a fear or anxiety or stress moment, go back to the Ease Mantra above and do something to be kind and gentle to yourself.

When any stampede of negativity starts around you, come back to these 3 things.  

Kindness, Ease, Love.

Breathe. Get present and repeat the ease mantra – ALOT – because, let’s face it, there are many things in our world that are not ideal and can scare the bejesus out of us!

When you apply these 3 power tools, you’ll feel the fear diminish and lose its strangling grip on you.  You can re-connect to your true essence of feeling grounded, centered, peaceful, love-filled and abundant.

I wish this for you and for me.


P.S.  Seriously, if you haven’t yet downloaded the  “Peace Within Meditation”

Download the Peace Within Meditation here >>

Doing it for 5 minutes a day can shift your fear immensely.  And it’s really easy because I guide you through the whole thing.

And if your mind wanders off or you fall asleep during the meditation, that’s okay, it’s still working.  I promise.


P.P.S. When you’re Ready, here’s how you can work with me… 

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