If you had $ 1 Million…?

Let’s daydream together for a moment…

If you had $ 1 Million in your bank account right now, how would you spend it?

What would you buy?      

A house, car, holidays, beautiful clothes, renovating your home, a boat, a trip to visit your family, education for your kids?  

Would you give up your job?
Would you pursue your passions?
Would you give some away? To who?
Would you invest some of it?  In what?


Keep daydreaming…
Allow yourself to SPEND that $ 1 Million in your mind…


Fun… right? 

Did you know that you have energy inside you that is way more powerful than money? 
PLUS it refreshes every day.
It exists inside your head…



It’s estimated that you have between 12 000 and 20 000 thoughts per day.

Which means in 2 months you have more than 1 million thoughts!

How do you spend your 1 million thoughts?


Do you spend them thinking about things you WANT?
Or do you spend them thinking about things you DON’T like or DON’T want?


You may spend a bit of that $1 Million on stuff and afterwards you think “Mmm, I probably wouldn’t buy that again,”…

But you wouldn’t blow the full $1 Million on things you consider to be junk or not wanted. 


When it comes to manifesting and creating a life you Love, thoughts about what you DON’T want are USEFUL for a brief moment to help you understand what you DO want.

And once you have insight about what you DO WANT:


  • Stop thinking about what you don’t want and
  • Spend the remainder of those 1 million thoughts focused in the direction of what you DO want.

When you spend your thoughts on what you DO want, it becomes so much easierto create a life you love.  


Today, keep noticing:
“Where am I spending my thoughts?”

It is as simple as switching them to what you DO WANT.  Try it!

You have 1 million thoughts left before the end of 2020 – use them wisely.


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