“Just Enough” doesn’t Serve the World

One of the Common Money Blocks I encounter when students first start working with me is:

“I only seem to have JUST ENOUGH – never more.”
And there is often a corresponding Emotion of Guilt for wanting more.

I find this block happens particularly with women.

It continues with thoughts like:
“How can I want more, when other people have so little?”
“I should be grateful for what I have and not be materialistic.”

You wanting more doesn’t mean you are greedy or ungrateful.
What does it mean?

For the answer – Watch this quick 4 minute video of me coaching Joy, a student who had just started my Money Magic Program in 2019, and was feeling guilty about wanting more.

You having “Just Enough” doesn’t serve the world.   

When you only have “enough” you:

  • 😢 Don’t have the resource, time or energy to focus on your purpose and your passions.
  • 😢 Don’t have the option to explore your talents and gifts, so that you can give your uniqueness to the world.
  • 😢 Can’t serve or contribute to others if you are worried about paying your own bills.

If you truly want to find your purpose, discover your talents and make a difference in the world, you need to learn how to work with money – attract it, save it, invest it and use it wisely.

I have two FREE Resources for you to get started:

My 4 x Video Training Series – Watch Video 1 Now >


You can Join me LIVE for a 2 Hour Money MasterClass THIS Tuesday.

Both of these options are for the Price of Zero!  

You WILL need to invest your time and attention.  And it’s worth it so that you can create MORE than enough for yourself, your family and others.

Please take this first step to serve yourself and hence serve the world.

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