What Frustrates you?

My baby boy, Luke, is now just over 5-months old and when he lies on his tummy and a toy is just out of reach he gets frustrated.

He wants to move.  He has a deep desire to move.  And he can’t crawl yet, so he kicks his legs and squawks out his frustration.   

As I watched him this morning, I understood how frustration is an essential part of growth.   Frustration is a useful emotion for Luke as he develops.  As I observed him, I realised it’s a valuable emotion for you and me too.

  • Frustration points to where your desires lie.   
  • Frustration indicates there is something you want, but aren’t doing yet.
  • Frustration tells you that you still have more to learn in that area.  
  • Frustration is prompting you to take some different action.

Frustration is a cheerleader urging you to MOVE towards your desire.

Ask yourself:  Where in your life, are you feeling frustrated?

In your career? With your job? In your relationship? With your health?  Your money?

Now, do this quick exercise to get clarity and use the frustration to it’s fullest advantage.

Write down the answers to these four questions:

  1. In what area of my life am I frustrated?
  2. If I could have anything, what would I love to have in this area?
  3. What do I need to learn from this frustration?
  4. What is a simple, small action I can take to change this situation and move towards my desires?

And then take that small action and use your frustration to move you.

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