👣 Micro Movements not Quantum Leaps

If you scroll on your Social Media, it’s easy to get caught in the hype of 10x, “the latest hack”, 7-figure businesses and instant manifestation.

It is normal to compare yourself to others and feel like you are not good enough or failing.   Then the self-doubt and insecurity creep in.  Aaaarghhh.

I am a cheerleader for BIG Dreams and Goals and outstanding results. I’ve helped thousands of students get clear on their extraordinary goals and reach them.

However, I know that the journey to your dreams and goals is made up of many tiny steps:  Micro-movements, not the over-hyped instantaneous quantum shifts.

The average “overnight success” takes 7 years.  
That is 7 years of micro-movements.  
7 years of learning and growing and taking small actions.

Take one, small step at a time.

Just the next, small, forward movement.  

Small, gentle, easy and ideally fun and inspiring steps!  

And in a year’s time, 2 years, 5 years you’ll look back and say WOW… my life has shifted so much.      

Your HINDSIGHT will show you the incredible shift you’ve made, but you won’t necessarily experience those shifts in the moment.
The present will probably feel instead like teeny-tiny moves forward.

Transformation and change most often doesn’t occur like a big, blasting firework in the sky. It is more subtle, slow and yet super profound.

On my Vision 2020 Group (where I coach students for 11 months) one of the participants shared this: 

On my Private Money Magic Community  – one of my students shared this:

“Yesterday, I sat with my financial advisor, as I do regularly, to touch base with my overall portfolio as many things changed in the last 3 months that meant a massive review.

Let me share some numbers and all of this is due to setting a strategy, keeping to it, reviewing it, and constantly being in Money Magic Energy. When I first started Money Magic in September 2016 my expected monthly income (in today’s terms) at retirement, based on retirement savings only, was approximately 20% of my current earnings (after tax). As of today, it is over 100% of my current earnings (after tax).

Why? There are numerous reasons and I’ll share over time, but the biggest is complete and utter commitment to the journey with money and being so actively involved with Miss Money. She has rewarded my focus, my strategy, my commitment to this relationship…She is just going “Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!” for me.”

These figures are retirement savings only and excludes my tax-free savings, my rental income from my house and share portfolio – that’s allocated for 1) medical expenses and 2) holidays.”

Having watched this student’s journey over 3 years, I know that she took the small steps and did the micro-movements.   Step-by-small-step.

And yet now only 3 years later, her entire retirement is fully funded. Wow! Incredible result, right? 

But the key to her result was the MICRO-MOVEMENT. 

Slowly, step-by-step she committed and took the daily, weekly and monthly actions.

All of these cumulatively added up to the significant result.

For the remainder of 2020, instead of trying to 10x or find some “secret strategy” to overcome the challenges of this year, I’m focusing on my micro-movements. I invite you to join me…

Here are 2 more examples of the power of taking daily, small, INSPIRED actions:

Ndumi Radebe on my Vision2020 program is now doing her Purpose Work and making great money…

Meike in 2 years has demolished her debt and has saved too (even during this financially challenging Covid time)…

Let me know what you think, leave your comments below!



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