Why are you so Hard on Yourself?

“Why are we so hard on ourselves? Is this something we learned?”

Catherine, one of my students, asked this question on one of my online program groups.

“Not Good Enough” is one of the CORE scarcity wounds or beliefs that most people have.   

This is LEARNED.

When you were a child, someone hurt you.  
Someone criticized you. 
Someone rejected you.    
At the time, you were too young to understand, and so you took it personally.  
As a result, you internalized this hurt, criticism and rejection and now you turn it on yourself.

Self-criticism can be hard-core.  
Your inner critic can be quite abusive. 

Our society and human consciousness vibration has not yet collectively moved into “Heart consciousness” – or the consciousness of kindness, empathy, compassion and love.

Thus it is easier to be critical and unkind than it is to be loving and kind – especially to yourself. 

Since facilitating my 7 Levels of Abundance program in 2019, I find it fascinating to see the world through the lens of the Chakras. The Chakras are an amazing tool for diagnosing your scarcity blocks and helping you shift into your natural abundance.

Most of the world is vibrating at either:

1. Survival consciousness.   This is the Root Chakra level.

2. Pleasure/ Pain / Polarity / Victor vs. Victim Consciousness.  This is the Sacral Chakra level.

3. Performance/ Action/ Success/ Power Consciousness.  This is the Solar Plexus Chakra level.

Kindness, compassion, empathy, love-for-self and love-for-another is not very prevalent in our current human condition.   This is Heart Consciousness. 

It is one of my BIG WHY’s for doing the work I do. 

I have a vision that in my lifetime, human beings and this planet SHIFTS into Heart-Consciousness. 

Which means:

UNLEARNING “being hard on yourself” and bringing in kindness, compassion and love-for-self.  As a consequence, this will ripple out to others.  (This is Heart Chakra work.)

UNLEARNING your addiction to being busy and “doing” and understanding the fun and effortlessness of creating from BEING.    (This is Solar Plexus Chakra work.)

UNLEARNING your need to distract yourself away from yourself.  Opening yourself to the polarity of pleasure and pain to increase your vitality and aliveness.  (This is Sacral Chakra work.)

UNLEARNING your fears around survival and your right to be here.  (This is Root Chakra work.)

UNLEARNING being afraid to express yourself authentically and speak your truth.   (This is Throat Chakra work)

UNLEARNING self-doubt and questioning the wisdom of your intuition.  (This is Third-Eye Chakra work)

UNLEARNING the feelings of separation that you have from source and the Divine.    (This is Crown Chakra work)

This is what Thobekile (one of my 7 Levels of Abundance students) says about shifting through her blocks, finding the balance and moving into a Heart Chakra space –  watch this 1-minute video >>

This is why I do the work that I do… 
because when a small percentage of the population move consciously into Heart Consciousness, it will create a Tipping Point of Evolution for the whole planet into a kinder, softer and more loving world. 

Will you join me?

It starts with you being kinder to you. 



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