Dilemma: How to do what you Love AND make Money…

I hear this a lot:

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to make a living from pursuing my true Dreams & Goals?”

“How can I possibly do what I love and make money?”

 “I’d love to do X… but how would I ever be able to pay the bills and make ends meet?”

This BIG fear that so many people experience is the main reason why I teach in these two areas:

  1. Dreams, Goals, Purpose and Vision for your life – Getting clarity on these and the steps on how to make it happen.    
  2. Money and your Finances – How to work with money with ease and confidence. So that money ENABLES your dreams and goals rather than being continuously riddled with financial worry and stress.

This Dreams & Goals vs Paying the Bills was a dilemma for Jessica in Los Angeles. She asked about this during a Private Coaching Webinar that I did for my students on my Dreams & Goals with Soul Program earlier this year.

I thought I’d share with you this 6-minute Video Clip of her Question and my Answer and Coaching, as it may help you too!

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I know during uncertain times like these it may seem like your dreams and goals are impossible but when you learn the system of manifesting you’ll understand how to tap into your wellbeing, ease and trust to create what you want DESPITE external circumstances. 

More than ever, the world needs people who are passionate and on purpose, and I’d love to be your guide.  

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