If Gratitude is Good, this is even Better.

For the past decade the “Attitude of Gratitude” has been hyped in the media.

We’ve had Gratitude Rocks, Gratitude Journals, Gratitude practices at the dinner table with your kids etc. etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a cheerleader for Gratitude.
Gratitude is a highly attractive emotion and a key component to manifesting and creating the life you desire.

Yet there is something that can take your gratitude even deeper and connect you quickly at a mind-body-soul level…


The difference between Gratitude and Appreciation is subtle but very, very powerful.

Gratitude means being Thankful.
Appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Often Gratitude is conditional – eg. because something went well for you, you are grateful. A person was nice to you and you are thankful for them.
Try being grateful when things are not going well… It’s really hard, right?


Gratitude is all about YOU.
Appreciation is all about the OTHER.

Appreciation takes gratitude a level deeper because it is no longer about you.

Appreciation requires you to get PRESENT and mindful about the thing, person or situation you are appreciating.  And to seek out the qualities that are good, positive and worth highlighting.

You can be grateful for having food on your table, however you can go further and appreciate its colour, the smells, taste, nutrition and the love of the person who prepared it.

Appreciation takes you out of “yourself” and connects you to emotions beyond thankfulness.
It includes really ENJOYING something about the other person or thing.

When you appreciate someone or something in your life and their best qualities, you feel brighter, lighter, inspired, joyful, energized, loved and the list goes on and on.

Appreciation is like tapping into Source Energy. 
Appreciation is like seeing the world through the eyes of God.

I urge you to take your Gratitude a level Deeper and get present to what you APPRECIATE about the situations, people and things in your life.

Let me know your thoughts on this and how it goes – I’d love to read your feedback and comments below…

I appreciate you.
I appreciate the time and energy you spend reading my emails.
I appreciate the support you bring to helping me make magic in the world.
Thank you!



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