Why did everyone buy Toilet Paper? Here’s why…

When the Corona Virus Crisis hit, there was the incredible phenomenon of people buying loads of toilet paper.  Did you do it?   Did you wonder why others were?  

There are three words to explain it:

The Root Chakra  

What do I mean?

Well, the Root Chakra is the energy centre at the base of our body that holds the “Operating System” for our Survival.    

In March, I gave birth to my most magical manifestation ever – my son, Luke. In these first 7 weeks (in fact for the first 9 months) he is building his Root Chakra Operating System.  He is all about eating, pooh-ing and sleeping and discovering and learning to inhabit his body.    

He is simply in “survival mode”, and as his mother, I am his survival lifeline. The more safe and secure he feels during this development phase, the better his Root Chakra Operating System will be.

Each of the Seven Chakras or energy centres are developed and “programmed” pre-Birth until around 21 years of age.  

Each Chakra is like the operating system for different aspects or functions of our lives.  If it has been poorly programmed, then you’ll experience ongoing “glitches” or challenges in your life in that specific area.   

This is what I coach my students to transform on my 7 Levels of Abundance Program. You discover your “scarcity programming” and heal it and bring it into the natural state of ease and abundance by using the Chakra System as a diagnostic tool and guide.   

But I digress, back to the toilet paper…

The Corona Virus and all the uncertainty it has brought has impacted everyone in two main Chakras – the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

So at a Root Chakra and survival level when the Corona Virus panic started people naturally hoarded food and (for the poohing) toilet paper. 

I explain all about the impact of the Corona Virus from a chakra perspective in this video.

PLUS in the video you’ll be guided through an empowering closed-eye exercise for you to balance the Root and the Crown Chakra. I trust you’ll find it very grounding and enlivening. 

This video is a clip from one of my recent Live Sessions with my Vision 2020 MasterMind Group  – a group of 21 people coached by me over 11 months to reach their dreams and goals.    

It was made 2 weeks after Luke was born – so you’ll see me a bit dishevelled with no make-up.   

Once you’ve watched the video and done the meditation, please leave a comment below about how it was for you, I love receiving your feedback.

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