Guided Meditations for you with LOVE and Magic

The foundational tool that I have used for over a decade to stay grounded, centred and at ease amid uncertainty is Meditation.

Now, more than ever – while your emotions are on “rollercoaster mode” and your fears are surfacing, and the uncertainty about the future causes you to feel wobbly – is the time to meditate.

Here are 3 of my Guided Meditations for you, with LOVE from me…

Safe Space MeditationDownload it Here >

An excellent meditation to help you create a haven of tranquillity for yourself during this “lockdown” time. 

Peace Within MeditationDownload it Here >

This mediation will relax your body, mind and soul. It focuses on balancing, grounding and centring you into the present moment.  It connects you to silence and stillness.

Release your Fears MeditationDownload it Here >

At times like these, your fear can overpower you and make you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted.   Through this Meditation you’ll be guided to identify and release your fear, with a robust process for letting it go.

If you have never meditated before these are perfect as all you need to do is lie down or sit down in a comfortable, quiet space and listen.  And if you are a seasoned meditator, you’ll enjoy them too.

If you fall asleep or drift off during the Meditation – you aren’t doing it wrong – it is still going into your subconscious and working.  I promise. 


P.S.  This is what one of my students on one of my online program groups wrote yesterday that inspired me to send this email >

P.P.S. If you’d like all 12 of my Guided Meditations you can buy them here.



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