The 5 Blessings of the Corona Virus

If you are caught in “Corona Virus Land” at the moment and not sure what to do, the BEST thing you can do for yourself and your family is to find the Blessings in the Corona Virus.   

Doing this as a written exercise will strengthen you at a level of Body, Mind and Soul.

On an Emotional level, this exercise will create a sense of calm, ease and centeredness.

On a Physical level, when you identify the blessings, your immune system will be strengthened.

On a Mental level, you will be able to think clearly and not get caught up in the fight or flight panic and confusion of your reptilian brain.

On a Spiritual level, you will be able to transcend the experience and see the situation in an integrated way without oscillating between polarities. 

As an example here are my 5 Blessings of the Corona Virus.

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🍀👉 1. Cocooning and Connection

One of the strategies for decreasing the risk of infection has been called “Social Distancing.”   

After looking at the stats and the “maths” of this virus. I believe that this is a prudent and essential strategy right now and not “panic based.”

(Here’s a brilliant article I highly recommend, if you’re interested. It’s a long read.)

However, I don’t like the words “social distancing.” 

What is needed is “physical distancing” – you distancing yourself from others and not interacting physically to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread exponentially.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still connect with the people you love.

We are incredibly lucky to live in a world that is so technologically connected. 

I’ve experienced this first hand in the past year living in the country.
Although I am physically distanced from my family and close friends, most of my connections with them have never felt stronger.

This is not a time of isolation, but a time being on your own cocooning, transforming and connecting in meaningful ways by using the incredible technology at your disposal.

It is a time for you to cocoon and “nest” in your own space and yet still build robust, loving and caring connections with yourself and others. 


🍀👉 2. Crown Chakra Transformation

Did you know that Corona means “Crown”?     

Last year I did deep work with my 7 Levels of Abundance Program students on the 7 Chakras (and clearing scarcity to experience true abundance). Thus I know it is no coincidence that the name of this virus is asking us to focus on our CROWN chakras.

In a world that has been so focused with productivity, ‘busy-ness’, action and power, this virus is calling us to cocoon, connect, be creative, take care and spiritually connect to our Crown Chakra.

If we heed this call, then more wisdom, understanding, enlightenment and a feeling of connection to the unity of all things will flood into the planet.

Goodness knows we need that.

So during your cocooning time, enjoy your spiritual practices – whatever those may be – prayer, meditation, reading, chanting, story-telling, dancing etc.   

And if you don’t have any regular spiritual practices, then perhaps now is the time to consider what works for you.

 (If you’re interested, see a Crown Chakra Overview at the bottom of this article.)

🍀👉 3. Creativity

As your “normal life” gets disrupted by the virus, and you are no longer distracting yourself with your everyday busy-ness, external activities or a crazy travel schedule, you now have the opportunity to consider:

    1.    What’s important to you?
    2.    What are your Dreams and Goals for the future?
    3.    How do you want to spend this extra time creatively?
    4.    What are your gifts and talents that you wish to give to the world?

Perhaps now you have that extra time to do an online course you’ve been putting off or start writing that book or create that side-hustle business or take out those paints that are buried in a box and just play with them.

There is a story circulating about how in the 1600s during the Bubonic plague, Isaac Newton retired to a small farmhouse where he self-isolated for 2 years and during that time developed calculus, optics and gravitational theory.

His most profound and lasting work came from this time of “cocooning” and intense creativity.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic in hindsight to look back at this time and see it as the blessing that gave you time to develop your contribution to the world?

🍀👉 4. Corporate Re-thinking

The world has been ripening for the end of the “9-to-5-going-to-an-office-corporate-slavery-model” for over two decades. 

If you work for an “old paradigm” company or organisation, you’ve probably been feeling the unhappiness, restriction and constraint of an old, outdated model for awhile.   

I’m wondering if this Corona Virus will be the tipping point that finally allows companies to trust employees to work from home, self-manage and have the freedom to create results as responsible adults.   

And I’m curious if this Corona Virus will move employees into a sense of responsibility, accountability and empowerment so that they can give their true gifts and best version of themselves to their companies.

This is my sincere wish and hope for every employer and employee because the Master-Slave archetype and dynamic is disempowering for everyone.

I feel tremendously blessed that my current Fairy Godmother team is dotted around the world – Pretoria, the Philippines, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bangladesh.

I have never had a smoother, more seamless and connected team — all in self-empowerment, responsibility and freedom.

That’s what I wish for every organisation and person in the working world.


🍀👉 5. Care and Wellbeing

Now is the time to focus on your self-care and wellbeing – body, mind and soul.

If you’ve done my Dreams & Goals with Soul Program, you’ll know that I teach that WELLBEING is the foundation for manifesting whatever you want. 

If you only focused on wellbeing and nothing else 95% of your Dreams & Goals will manifest.

Thus the blessing I see in this Corona Virus is a call to care and wellbeing.

Caring for Yourself –
Body: eating well, resting, exercising, breathing deeply, hydrating, sunlight – all are building your immune system.

Mind: Focusing on ease and inspiration. Staying Present. Meditating.
Mindfulness. (Staying away from unnecessary media and toxicity).

Soul: Spiritual practices, Time in Nature and Connection.

Caring for Loved Ones – through listening, kindness and compassion.

Caring for your Community, Country and the World – through focusing on your blessings, “physical distancing”, kindness and compassion.

As we all navigate through these extraordinary circumstances, may we keep coming back to ease, centeredness, compassion, creativity, connectedness and care.

I wish all 5 of these CROWN (Corona) Blessings for you and me.


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P.P.P.S. As promised, an overview of the Crown Charka

The Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet
Location: Top of the head
Element: No Element – beyond time, space and the physical world   
Sense: None – beyond the senses

The crown chakra at the top of your head is the meeting point of the finite mind and the infinite soul or divine.

This is the centre of your wisdom that comes from understanding from a higher perspective and a divine connection. This is your highest spiritual chakra and is the doorway that moves you beyond human consciousness into cosmic consciousness.
At this level duality and polarity fade away.

Through this chakra you connect to self-realisation and a deep awareness of our beliefs and patterns. It heightens your perception of the interconnectedness of everything, and you can see the miraculous nature, wonder and awe in simple things.

At its most advanced level, this chakra connects us to bliss and spiritual enlightenment.

Basic Rights: The right to learn. The right to know. 

Physical Experience: Awareness and Knowing. Samadhi or Enlightenment.

Scarcity Emotion: Attachment

Abundance Emotions: Gratitude, Inherent sense of wellbeing, Unity, Clarity, Oneness, Connection with all things, Understanding, Wisdom, Awareness of the mystical, Humility, Humour, Bliss, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Aware.



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