An Intimate Ceremony to Celebrate


If you’ve done an online program or retreat with me in the past few years, you’ll know that I encourage you to CELEBRATE every small step you take.
Celebrate every action that you make.

And celebrate just BEING you…   

If you spend time in nature you’ll notice Mother Nature in constant Celebration – flowers blooming, crickets chirping, trees dancing in the wind.

It is only us, human beings, who take ourselves SO seriously and forget to celebrate daily!

Celebration of small steps and micro-movements towards our dreams and goals is a HUGE part of having them manifest easily AND enjoying the journey while they do.

Celebration of any Financial or Money Magic that happens for you is also a way of tuning into the energy of abundance and attracting more to you.

A few weeks ago I did 2 BIG Celebrations of my new Dream coming true – the manifestation of becoming a Mama.

One of the celebrations was public – the Baby Sprinkle (aka Baby Shower) – with good friends, fun, laughter, heart-created gifts, messages from afar, scrabble-silliness and super delicious carrot cake! (See pics at the bottom of this email if you are curious).

The other was profoundly sacred and ceremonial. It was a Body-Mind-Soul Celebration Ceremony and dialogue between this new baba and me.

I chose Soul Art as the modality for the ceremony.

And I was blessed to have an intimate and private process facilitated by Antoinette Bishop (a fantastic artist and Soul Art facilitator).

The process of Soul Art is best depicted in pictures…

Firstly I answered questions and set an Intention for the process.

I mappped my pregnant Body on a massive piece of cardboard.

I wrote messages into the Body Map. For this Celebration, my words were about Celebration and Welcoming.

I scribbled down feelings, inspirations, experiences and realisations from this pregnancy; my wishes and intentions for the delivery and my greetings and appreciation for this new soul about to enter the world.

With acrylic paints, I allowed my body-mind-soul to guide me to paint over the Body Map and writing.  (This isn’t about creating “art” it is about a soul expression).

Once complete, I dialogued with my Soul Art and journalled my thoughts, realisations and messages from this soul space.

Then I chose my Spirit Action to integrate the learning from the process.

My Spirit Action is sending you this email – to share my Celebration and this process with you.


The power of Celebration is that the MORE you Celebrate, the more Life/ the Universe/ the Divine sends you to Celebrate.


So today I encourage you to Celebrate Yourself!

My recent celebrations were big, but I encourage you to make a teeny-tiny gesture of Celebration every day.

It could be as simple as patting yourself on the back or shouting “Yippppeeeee” out loud. You may want to get up and do a little ‘celebration dance’ or treat yourself with something like a luxurious bubble bath.

It may feel a little silly – that’s okay.

Constant Celebration is key to your dreams coming true.

 P.P.S. Here are some pictures of the Baby Sprinkle Public Celebration that I had too.

I would love to hear back from you, post’s your comments below.



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