✨BIG NEWS✨ My BEST Manifestation Ever – I’m Preg…

Here’s the BIG Reveal of a Dream come True… Drumroll…

Yes!!!! I’m pregnant!  
I’m 44 years old, and I’m pregnant with my first child. Wowie!

It’s by far, my most magical and miraculous experience of manifesting and having one of my “big dreams come true.”

After teaching over 17 000 people since 2005 about the power of Vision, Dreams and Goals and the Tools to Manifest your Authentic, Soul-led Desires, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

But I was.
And delighted.
And there was someone else who was SUPER surprised.

Geoffrey! My wonderful, soul-mate who you can see in this picture is still (even after 7 months) a little shocked and confused at how we created this incredible blessing.

He keeps walking around our quirky, country house mumbling “But our collective age is 99… how can we be pregnant? I had more chance of winning the lotto!”

And here’s how:

In 2019 I did 2 major things that made ALL the difference.

Major Thing Number 1:

In February 2019 I participated in my own 5-week Dreams & Goals with Soul Program along with the group that I was facilitating.

  • I diligently listened to the Audios and did the written exercises.
  • I released my resistance.
  • I listened to the guided meditations (wow, it was bizarre meditating to the sound of my own voice!).
  • I created a Dream Map. Wanna see it?

Here it is
It’s a looong one.

And here’s a zoom-in to the section where I CLEARLY ASKED for this next chapter of being a Mama.

  • I followed the process and manifesting tools that I teach my students.
  • I Let Go.
  • I allowed.
  • leaned-in to the support of the divine and had full faith and trust that because I had ASKED, it would manifest.
  • And I played the manifesting game using all the steps and tools that I teach in my program.

Major Thing Number 2:

I was divinely guided in 2019 to create the 7 Levels of Abundance Program.

This was an astounding 7-month program where I worked intensely with 49 of my students to heal their “scarcity scars” and unlock abundance in all areas of their lives – health, relationship, finances, career, sexuality, contribution, expression, spirituality, purpose etc.

This program uses the Chakra System as a highly accurate diagnostic tool for your blocks and resistances. It uncovers the thoughts, emotions, stories or actions that keep you stuck in scarcity.

Through the program, I provided a comprehensive and holistic toolkit from many modalities to help participants transform each aspect of their lives into wholeness and abundance.  

This we do at a level of body-mind and soul so that it is sustainable and long-lasting.

Out of my whole career, this program is the creation I am most proud of.

The results were mind-blowing for the participants – And my pregnancy was one of those results.

I’ve known for many years that I’m Root Chakra Deficient. In other words, I have never been truly rooted and grounded in the world.    (This is mainly because I was in an incubator for five weeks as a newborn.)

I have been missing some sense of stability, structure, foundation and support.

I was more of a “head-in-the-clouds” and “playing-in-my-imagination-and-intuition” kind-of-girl than a “Mama-Earth” rooted-woman.  

I worked through this during the first, Root Chakra Month, of the program.

I used the tools I was teaching my students to ground, root and EARTH myself into this physical plane and my body.

Serendipitously, Geoff and I moved out of the city and into the country to be closer to nature which formed a big part of this “rooting”.

  • I created the structure of a home.
  • I stood with my bare feet on the earth every day.
  • I did daily breathing techniques for grounding.
  • I honoured my ancestors and the roots they have given me.

In June, in Month 2 of the program, we moved onto the Sacral Chakra, which is all about our sexuality, sensuality, the pleasure of life, our womb and our primal creativity.

It was in the fourth week of this Sacral Chakra work with the 7 Levels of Abundance Group that I conceived.

One of my “guest experts” on the program Kagiso Msimango alluded to the power of a Heart and Womb Meditation. So I created one.
And Voila… Conception.

I know for sure it was no coincidence.


Keeping it Quiet

Until 21 weeks, we kept this pregnancy completely quiet.

It felt exceptional for Geoff and me to hold this miraculous creation only in our intimate space so that we could nurture it and nurture ourselves with no outside influences.

We don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl.
We want to be surprised. 

We are waiting for this beautiful being to arrive and to find out in the flesh.


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